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About us

Handelot is a wholesale trading platform specifically designed for traders, distributors, e-tailers and retailers who are active in international trade of branded consumer electronics. We combine our platform technology with superb consulting and customer service to maximise the potential benefits reaped reap from working with us. We also regularly update all our members with industry news to ensure everybody is up-to-date with the latest news. Handelot’s unique positioning as a comprehensive platform in consumer electronics translates to a daily turnover of products from tens of thousands of genuine and verified entities.


Our mission is to facilitate B2B international trade in electronics market in a safe, dynamic, efficient and transparent fashion. Independently.

Consumer electronics traded on Handelot include:

MobilityMobile phones, tablets and phablets, mobile accessories

InhomeComputer games, cameras, TVs, and other electronic goods

ITServers, computers & laptops, accessories, HDD, processors, peripherals

UsedUsed and refurbished equipment, spare parts for mobility, inhome, and IT areas

All from brands such as Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Cat, OnePlus, Lenovo, Alcatel, LG, Huawei, Asus, HTC, Blackberry, Nokia, Motorola, Oppo, Meizu, Sony, ZTE, Google, Microsoft, Nintendo, GoPro, Kodak, Amazon, Fuji, Bang & Olufsen, Nikon, Olympus, Thomson. Phillips, Beats, HP, Dell, Asus and Toshiba.

What makes Handelot different? We have:

  • A professional, purpose-built platform provides unlimited, lifetime access to our members.
  • Real information and opportunities. All of our activity takes place between verified businesses and entities.
  • Full alignment of short- and long-term interests between Handelot and its partners.
  • An experienced and motivated team from around the world with over 15 years experience in the market.
  • An international network with the world’s biggest range of offers and requests in the branded consumer electronic industry.
  • A transaction system that is simplified to the minimum to save money.
  • A commitment to the highest level of security.
  • Access to the latest and most relevant market information.

Through our platform, we help to create long-term relations with some of the best companies on the market.

The real value of Handelot is its people – professionals from all over the world with different backgrounds, education, language skills, hobbies and views. They all share a singular focus on improving trade worldwide and helping our partners to make the most out of their opportunities.

We believe we have created the best team of techies, financial advisors, administrative personnel, marketers, customer service specialists and account managers to deliver the best service in our industry.

 Patryk Skowron

Patryk Skowron

Бизнес-консультант - Руководитель группы Dima Malovanyi

Dima Malovanyi

Бизнес-консультант - Руководитель группы
Бизнес-консультант - Руководитель группы Taha Tuzuner

Taha Tuzuner

Бизнес-консультант - Руководитель группы
Бизнес-консультант Alice Gogola

Alice Gogola

Бизнес - консультант Omar Benabdellah

Omar Benabdellah

Бизнес - консультант
Главный бухгалтер Agnieszka Pulawska

Agnieszka Pulawska

Главный бухгалтер
Руководитель группы - Бизнес-Развитие Koushik Deka

Koushik Deka

Руководитель группы - Бизнес-Развитие
Бизнес консультант Jack Serdak

Jack Serdak

Бизнес консультант
Бизнес консультант Ven Prashad

Ven Prashad

Бизнес консультант
Бизнес консультант Victoria Chen

Victoria Chen

Бизнес консультант
Бизнес консультант Carolina Kotulska

Carolina Kotulska

Бизнес консультант
Обслуживание клиентов - Супервайзер Katarzyna Mroczkowska

Katarzyna Mroczkowska

Обслуживание клиентов - Супервайзер
Администрирование и поддержка - Руководитель группы Cristina Terletska

Cristina Terletska

Администрирование и поддержка - Руководитель группы
Администрация Tatiana Handziuk

Tatiana Handziuk

Менеджер Администрации Elsa Lerner

Elsa Lerner

Менеджер Администрации
Бизнес консультант Alex Livanios

Alex Livanios

Бизнес консультант
Бизнес консультант Edgar Arana

Edgar Arana

Бизнес консультант
Административная поддержка Daniel Tarranco

Daniel Tarranco

Административная поддержка
Координатор Партнера Claudia Aniszkiewicz

Claudia Aniszkiewicz

Координатор Партнера
Бизнес консультант Ruslan Panahov

Ruslan Panahov

Бизнес консультант
Графический дизайнер Svitlana Shaposhnikova

Svitlana Shaposhnikova

Графический дизайнер
Координатор поддержки пользователей Sandra Grabowska-Lis

Sandra Grabowska-Lis

Координатор поддержки пользователей
Специалист по развитию бизнеса Dominik Pawelec

Dominik Pawelec

Специалист по развитию бизнеса
Старший разработчик ПО Kamil Lipinski

Kamil Lipinski

Старший разработчик ПО
 Anna Szmiga

Anna Szmiga

Координатор поддержки пользователей Iflah Zafar

Iflah Zafar

Координатор поддержки пользователей
Account Manager Damian Rysak

Damian Rysak

Account Manager
 Ernesto Sarabia

Ernesto Sarabia

Бизнес консультант Kiryl Trukhan

Kiryl Trukhan

Бизнес консультант
Администрация Roopa Nagraj

Roopa Nagraj

Бизнес консультант Ignacio Ruiz

Ignacio Ruiz

Бизнес консультант
Разработчик ПО Alexander Golovnya

Alexander Golovnya

Разработчик ПО
Ann De Los Santos Ann


Ann De Los Santos
Специалист по развитию бизнеса Ishan Ghose

Ishan Ghose

Специалист по развитию бизнеса
Специалист по развитию бизнеса Ziya Hasanli

Ziya Hasanli

Специалист по развитию бизнеса
Business Developer Kaola Fellah

Kaola Fellah

Business Developer
Business Developer Vishal Younus

Vishal Younus

Business Developer
Business developer Xuan Min

Xuan Min

Business developer