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Handelot’s biggest value lies in two areas: helping our partners to purchase stock at lower cost, and increasing sales revenue for our international partners in wholesale branded consumer electronics.

Our Unique Business Model

Handelot enables you to find products to buy and/or sell, but we do not make money from the platform or get commission from transactions. As long as your company meets our access criteria, you will have free, unlimited access to our platform.

Handelot’s business model is to offer services to its partners to facilitate a faster, safer, and more efficient trade.

Our services include:

  • VIP Services – our personal, custom made annual consultancy support where our Account Managers share their know-how.
  • Advertising – where our partners can launch, promote, and consolidate their brands, solutions and products to an international wholesale audience.
  • Information – led by The Handelot Times, a bimonthly publication where we inform our thousands of registered users of the latest news, trends and ideas in our industry.

Thousands in the branded consumer electronic industry use the Handelot platform every day. The sheer value makes it the perfect medium for your advertising campaign.

We very carefully plan the number of displayed advertisements, their location, and the course of the campaign, all in order to most effectively meet the specific needs of our users.

Handelot commands high web traffic and a high number of unique visitors alike. Being the leading industry platform in terms of offers, request, paid members, and advertisers, we generate a wealth of opportunities that our partners use to leverage and accelerate the growth of their companies and consolidate their prestige.

To this end, has a rotational, geographically targeted banner system where our partners will be able to create their own, custom-made ads on our landing page and in our members’ area.

VIP Membership offers personal assistance from dedicated Account Managers to provide additional knowledge and punctual services to help in your company’s growth. Our Account Managers enjoy a privileged position within the industry that enables them to have firsthand access to valuable data, information, and connections that help our members stay informed and engaged.

The value we create for our partners with our VIP services far exceeds its investment cost. This is why we have seen a sustained growth over the last decade with ground-breaking renewal rates of up to 90%, despite sometimes adverse market conditions.

Benefits of VIP Membership include:

  • Unlimited access to our world-class Account Management and Customer Support services
  • Access to our Live Stats Service which will help turn your decisions into profit
  • Full access to an extensive list of leads for customers and suppliers that give you an edge in our fast-changing field
  • Verification of references for new and established companies
  • Placement of your business card in our VIP Directory to build and consolidate your brand
  • Access to advanced market information such as clients demand trends and price guidance
  • Unlimited access to our Handelot VIP Directory
  • Advertising in The Handelot Times and on
  • Access to our Price List
  • Credit reports courtesy of Coface
  • Advanced functionalities such as daily offers and requests, additional privacy settings, and product selection
  • Increase of market reputation and trust in your company

Handelot counts more than 27,000 users on our platform, all of whom at one time or another registered to Handelot because they are part of (or showed interest in) our industry. Admittedly, most of these users were unable to get access to Handelot – due to the strong reference check Handelot imposes to its members - but all these people are part or influencers in the consumer electronic industry.

Our trade magazine, The Handelot Times, creates independent, high quality content for the B2B industry of wholesale electronics. It is released on a bi-monthly basis and reaches thousands of professionals in our industry. The Handelot Times covers topics from security, finance, logistics, business opportunities, trends, challenges, and interviews with key players.

The Handelot Times has become the ideal media communication partner for those who intend to communicate on a massive scale to a target audience.


With The Handelot Times, we bring our world together with yours.

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