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Thousands of users view the platform every day. That is why it is a perfect medium to hit a clearly-profiled group of recipients – people in the IT and mobile phone industry - with advertisements.

We very carefully plan the number of displayed advertisements, their location, and the course of the campaign - all in order to prepare the offer to most effectively meet the specific needs of our users.

We offer the following types of advertisements:


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Why you should choose Handelot is:

  • a professional multiplatform providing unlimited access to the market of electronic devices and business partners
  • an international society with the world’s widest range of offers and enquiries concerning electronics and IT equipment
  • the possibility of building long-term relations with the best companies on the market
  • a transaction system that is simplified to the minimum
  • a very experienced team of sales people from all over the world, supporting Handelot members in their search of the most interesting offers and establishing new business contacts
  • high quality and security services
  • the possibility to use many additional options available to VIP members