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Riba Mundo Tecnologia

Ein Spaziergang zum Erfolg

Der Anfang

  • On 2019 Riba Mundo got a turnover of 36M€
  • Moves to a new warehouse of 1500aqm warehouse and 250sqm offices.
  • On 2020 thanks to the agreements signed with the top brands on the industry, increase our turnover over 60M€
  • 36 employees
  • 1500 active customers
  • Reputable partners like PWC and Deloitte


  • An objective of 250M Turnover
  • 3000 sku in stock
  • New faciliies, 5000 sqm warehouse and 600sqm office
  • Increase of our staff until 50 employees
  • New e-commerce website B2B traslated on 7 languages

Was Handelot bringt

  • The establishment and development of new partnerships
  • The reduction of risk of payment defaults
  • The adequate knowledge to face the critical issues of the market
Riba Mundo Tecnologia handelot

“Handelot represents the certainty of conducting your business in the safest way possible.

Thanks to their real time information, we are able to verify the quality and reliability of potential customers.

Moreover the attention and support they give us through their consultants in order maximize our business is extremely precious for our trading.

Handelot is not only a platform, it’s a Business Partner who we trust and whose we recognize immense value.”

Marco Dezi, Direct Manager & Partner
Mirco Sorbo, Sales Director & Partner
Vincenzo Poeta, Buyer Director & Partner

Riba Mundo Tecnología constituted in 2018, is a wholesaler in the sector of technology products located in Valencia (Spain), oriented to the B2B segment. Our business model based on Omnichannel, Flexibility and Globality. We currently serve more than 17 European Countries, the United Kingdom, the United States, and the United Arab Emirates. Our location is a strategic point from a logistical point of view, allowing us to reach any part of the World within 24-48 hours.

Ever since Riba Mundo start which has experienced major growth in turnover, sqm of warehouse, employee, number of customers, number of references and brands, and the forecast is that this growth will continue in the coming years.

In 2020 we started the development of our management software, the heart of our business and an innovation in the consumer electronics sector.

In 2021 the company has closed with a net turnover of close to 174 million euros, with an Ebitda of 3.8 million euros, with the tax advice of one of the most prestigious advisors worldwide as PWC and whose accounts they are audited by another of the so-called Big Four Deloitte.

Currently, has a staff of 40 employees and keep up an active customers base of more than 1,500 with a portfolio of more than 1,500 references from the 25 top brands in the sector worldwide. Although our core business is focused on the smartphone and tablet category, in recent years these categories have been gradually increasing, currently counting, in addition to those mentioned above, with headphones, game consoles and video games, televisions, ecosystems and computer products, with a view to extending the number of categories in the future.

Riba Mundo has recently moved to new facilities, which it has got as property with a total investment close to 2M€, with an area of 5,000 m2 of storage, which allows it to triple the previous capacity, also having 600 m2 of offices.

Since the beginning, Riba Mundo Tecnología has put the customer on the center of its strategy, for this reason part of our exit is focusing on the service we offer, service we know as ‘’Service 360º RMT’’, which basically consists on offer to our clients an individual service depending on their target, location, their target and their specialization, with the premise of offering the most competitive price of the market, free express logistic service and a wide brochure and availability.


The next years the company hopes to be able to continue with an exponential increase, getting on 2022 a turnover of 250M Euros, expanding their staff until the 50 employees, they active client’s portfolio until 2500 offering to our clients a portfolio of 3000 sku from the 50 leading brands of the industry on a worldwide level.

Riba Mundo Tecnologia handelot