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Handelot’s main task is to provide professional, reliable, and safe B2B services for the international market of mobile phones and IT equipment. If you are looking for one place where you can establish business contacts and buy and sell mobile and computer equipment profitably, you have hit the jackpot!

Sales platform for mobile phone and IT industry

Handelot is a modern sales platform, where sellers can present their goods and ask questions online. The offer is published and updated, and thanks to advanced technology and applied solutions, concluding transactions run quickly and smoothly.

You can find accurate model descriptions, sales volume range, and transaction history here on because we have hundreds of thousands of offers and queries from companies dealing with electronic equipment and mobile phones.

Key features of the platform:


  • the opportunity to directly contact the Handelot sales department,
  • sending of queries and offers with feedback,
  • a contact list of selected (best-suited) business partners


Safe trade

With experience in international trading we know well how important trust between business partners is. That is why one of the main assumptions of our platform is company verification, in order to provide maximum security to members of the Handelot platform. We co-operate with those traders who value partnership and security in business.


  • Discerning member verification system

    All companies applying for membership in Handelot go through the Handelot Verification System (HVS) based on, among others, a company’s history and reliability analysis as well as received references. Only companies with a good reputation, experience, and suitable business opportunities earn the possibility of joining handelot.
  • Trade information exchange

    We enable our members to share information on concluded transactions and business partners. This way all Handelot platform users benefit from best verified data placed in the service directly by other users.
  • Developed support for VIP members

    Premium Members who chose our VIP Member option not only have guaranteed contact with our customer service team on an ongoing basis and distinction among other Handelot platform users, but also access to statistical data and the opportunity to use Coface services - a world leader in receivables insurance, providing companies with protection against risk of non-payment, and supporting their stable development.
  • Transaction security

    In order to ensure secure settlements between platform users, we offer additional transaction security ESCROW.