Handelot is the world’s safest and most widely used platform in the international wholesale branded consumer electronic market. Our mission is help sustainable, long-term and honest trade with over 1.900 associates. Established in 2.009 we have grown from small, mobile phone focus trade floor to multidisciplinary platform with strong teamd providing consulting, advertising, media and exhibition services to our partners.

Following our mission statement we launched Jobs.Handelot to assist in the recruitment needs of our partners. Given our 30,000 specialised visitors a year, Jobs.handelot represents a unique, unparalleled opportunity connect companies in our business sector and job seekers looking for new opportunities.

At the corporate side, Jobs.Handelot offers both an online job portal solution where our associates can advertise their interest and needs for new personnel as well as a head hunting service for those companies who need extra assistance to find new employees – which supported by extensive proprietary Database and knowledge centre of Curriculums and market info.

On the candidate side, Jobs.handelot presents a secure, effective and confidential way to find new opportunities in our industry. Given that only companies register on Handelot can advertise vacancies, our applicants can be sure that the are professional, reliable companies. Applicants can either submit their CV’s and cover letter directly the companies they are interested in or the can choose and more passive way to find a job by submitting to our HR team they CV and expectations and wait till the right opportunity shows up. This is a completely free-of-charge service for candidates.

Our aim is to become an essential on-stop-solution for recruitment in our market, which we will try to achieve offering the best possible service to both, Candidates and Companies.

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