Q & A

1. How do I become a member?

It’s simple! If you are a well reputed company in the wholesale business of consumer electronics with more than one year in the market. We only require two recent trading endorsement and enough cash flow to cover more than 100.000 Euro deals on regular basis.

2. Is Handelot really safe?

Yes. Each and every single company with us is well established organization that respects the rules on Handelot. We are actively monitoring the situation of each member to make sure the quality stays high always. Additionally, we work with well established auditing companies like Coface and Hermes to make sure we don’t miss a thing.

3. Is it for FREE? How do you make money?

In Handelot we do not charge for the access or using the platform, so yes its absolutely free.

What we make money offering our services and support where we help our partners get better suppliers or customers according to their requirements. Our only source of income are advertisements and annual subscriptions of our VIP members.

4. What advertising options do you have?

We offer two kind of advertising options:

      First, front page banners, constantly running all over the website.

      Second, Trading Floor Banner, in the heart of Handelot between offers and request.

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