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A walk to success

Starting up

  • Local operations
  • €52M turnover
  • Prolonged onboarding process in acquisition of new suppliers


  • A leading European distribution company
  • €500M turnover
  • Accelerated onboarding of new suppliers without increasing risk

Handelot input

  • Improved supply chain
  • Improved customer quality portfolio
  • Reduced payable collecting times
  • Reduced marketing costs
Yukatel handelot

Handelot is one of the leading platforms on the B2B market. Yukatel always works with companies which are beneficial for us. As we want to keep our position and well-known name in the market, Handelot is a very good business partner to help achieve expanding our business to every possible point. Handelot is an honest, competitive and well-known platform in the market with a serious, sympathetic and qualified team.”

Yusuf Karatas, founder of Yukatel GmbH

Yukatel is an innovative company dedicated to distributing the most in-demand manufacturers. Characterized by outstanding dynamics and impressive storage facilities, Yukatel is a perfect example of the effectiveness of working with Handelot. By improving their customer quality portfolio and reducing marketing costs as well as time spent collecting payables, the company has established its position on the market as widely recognized international powerhouse.


Yukatel was founded in 1995 by Yusuf Karatas, who has managed the company ever since. Located in Offenbach, the company started as a retailer of mobile phones within Germany. Because of their success in this field, the enterprise moved into wholesale. “Our reliability and adaptability to market needs gave our company a strong base to grow and expand beyond the local market,” says Karatas. “Handelot gave us resources for creating a stable and strong customer base. Thanks to their support, the company established its position on the market, widely recognized as a expert in trading mobile phones both within and outside EU borders.


Yukatel is an innovative company with a focus abroad. The company has its own office complex located in Offenbach, Germany, with over 1,000 square meters including a warehouse and service/repair center. Yukatel is still operated by its founder, Yusuf Karatas. The company currently reaches an annual turnover of approximately 200 million euros. The company's core competencies lie within the international distribution of mobile phones of all well-known manufacturers. The company currently employs 40 qualified persons at home and abroad, who ensure the best support for all of their customers. Consistently investing in improving customer support means always being able to adapt to market needs. The Yukatel brand has successfully established itself on their market; their excellent knowledge of the market and ability to respond accordingly to new trends makes it possible for us to combine high quality products with valuable deals. With the range of products they offer, and thanks to a high volume of purchases and sales, they are able to achieve quite attractive and advantageous pricing structures. These core competencies, which are founded in strong service orientation and are based on individual, customized solution concepts, are the result of many years of experience in the mobile communications sector and the personal, unwavering support of their loyal customers.

Yukatel handelot