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Vitel Mobile

A walk to success

Starting up

  • 3 Employees
  • $5.5M USD turnover
  • Hermes risk profilate rating of B-
  • Limited technology with no proprietary infrastructure


  • 40 employees at Miami HQ
  • $300M USD turnover
  • Hermes risk profilate rating of AA-
  • Complete digitization and ownership of a 600,000 sq ft warehouse

Handelot input

  • Accelerated time-to-market for both sales and purchases
  • Solidified company's global reputation
  • Developed new distribution channels
  • Enabled sales through risk reduction
Vitel Mobile handelot

Working with Handelot has influenced the growth of the company very positively. I was offered very trustworthy, personal handling of my account which made a big difference. The best thing about Handelot is personal service which offers security – the team is very available, attentive and creative. Continuing how the personal service has been provided, moving into the future when the business is harder and harder, having a partner like Handelot (which does its due diligence over customers) assures me that when I send money to other people it is very secure. That is going to give me the opportunity to move forward and expand and take chances.”

Rommey Bahhur – Founder of Vitel Mobile

Vitel Mobile is an example of a notable growth which led them to become a leader in Latin America. They have carried out a fruitful cooperation with Handelot, through which they have obtained new distribution channels, accelerated time-to-market for both sales and purchases and solidified company's reputation, in effect transforming themselves into a truly leading, international and diversified distributor.


Established in 2009 by two partners with over 25 years of experience in mobile sales, distribution and service, Vitel Mobile started off as a company with high expectations to grow. When we started to work with Handelot, Vitel was already a well established organization in Miami, however humble and small our operations were. We were ready to grow but we were lacking the experience of the international trading market as well as the right contact to start operation overseas. Over time, counting on Handelot's support, we were gaining new contact and distribution channels to improve our supply chain which in turn opened us new market in Latam [Latin America] given that we tend to had the right products at the right price on the right time.


Vitel Mobile has proven to be an amazingly fast-growing enterprise, transforming itself from a local trading group into one of the largest open-market GSM mobile phone distributors in Latin America in just 7 years. With a primary focus on open market sales to wholesalers and retailers alike, the company is a leader (especially in Samsung and Hyundai mobile phone distribution). Vitel Mobile has a cohesive sales and distribution channel that serves over a dozen countries within Latin America and the Caribbean markets. With headquarters in Miami, Vitel also has branch offices and distribution facilities in Panama, the Middle East, Korea and China, all of which has made the company excel over the competition. With a mission to provide their customers the right product at the right time with unparalleled service, Vitel Mobil aims to be the largest and most dynamic authorized open market distributor for Latin America.

Vitel Mobile handelot