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Selte Spa

A walk to success

Starting up

  • Operated locally
  • Poor brand recognition
  • Turnover of €51,455,537
  • 615,000 units sold


  • Actively dealing on three continents
  • Globally-known brand
  • Turnover of €143,611,073
  • 853,702 units sold

Handelot input

  • Gained new customer accounts
  • Opened up to international markets
  • Reduced time to collect payables
  • Minimized depreciation costs
Selte Spa handelot

When Selte Spa joined Handelot 7 years ago, we decided to enter the platform because of the good words we heard about it. It was the first platform we were members of, and for 2 years we worked exclusively with them. Patryk and his team were very helpful; they gave us crucial help in expanding our business profile on the market, and in choosing the right contacts and good suppliers. That was a turning point from which we started to work outside the local market.

The biggest strength of Handelot its people. They work very closely with clients so they can provide direct information. When you need something, they get back to you quick as lightning. I hope that the future will bring opportunities to grow, move forward and continue to build same cooperation that makes our companies succeed.”

Domenico Papillo, Owner of Selte SPA

The cooperation of Selte Spa with Handelot has created an effective partnership that has helped them grow. From humble beginnings in North Italy into a successful international powerhouse, they’ve minimized depreciation costs, acquired new clients and opened up their company to the global market.


Selte Spa is a company that started in 2009. We are globally successful thanks to having Handelot on our side, as they have helped us to strengthen our weaker points and broaden the range of our activity. We also reviewed the credit risk of our company and looked to optimize the way we conducted activity abroad. By cooperating with Handelot, the international market has opened up its possibilities to us. We got to minimize depreciation costs, reduce time to collect payables, and gain new customers. Thanks to these improvements, we have grown fast and now stand among the best distributors in our industry.


The company prides itself on having a wealth of experience in the market of wholesale distribution of consumer and business electronics on a national and international level. Thanks to the exponential growth gained over the years, Selte has become a market leader in the field of electronics distribution. Their product mix ranges from mobile phones, the core business of the company, to electronic and computer products from the best brands on the market. Their business organization, competence, responsibility and special care for the different needs of every single customer, makes Selte S.p.a. a modern and dynamic company.

Selte Spa handelot