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Central Point Europe s.r.o

A walk to success

Starting up

  • Limited inventory
  • Long churn of stocks - 3 months
  • No credit order available
  • Deficient market recognition


  • Wide range of products
  • Fivefold turnover increase
  • Well established, modern offices and warehouse facilities
  • Inventory turnover within less than a month

Handelot input

  • Supported growth with minimum credit risks
  • Improved profitability per unit sold
  • Reduced operational depreciation risks
  • Marketed the brand and company worldwide
Central Point Europe s.r.o handelot

When I joined Handelot, I knew it would give me good opportunity in terms of meeting business partners. With a reputation as good as Handelot has, it felt like a right decision in order to expand our business. It was indeed very helpful - Handelot has a lot of members and you get connected to them, make new business partners easily, make good deals and your company grows as a result. Handelot’s valuable connections and support of its team makes the cooperation very beneficial. If I need to know something, I always get fast answers. Looking towards the future, opportunities are huge; as Handelot keeps on growing and collecting more members, working with Handelot means more chances to make deals. For us it is our number one platform and our best partner.”

Lennaert Akkermans – C.E.O. Central Point Europe s.r.o

Central Point Europe s.r.o is an internationally operating company based in Slovakia. Through successful cooperation with Handelot, the company has made an admirable growth from local operations to the position of an international market player. Within a short period of time, Central Point Europe managed to enrich the variety of products in their offer, accelerate inventory turnover and thus increase profitability, thanks to reduced operational depreciation risks and gaining valuable business contacts.


Central Point Europe was founded by Lennaert Akkermans and Barbora Akkermans Labudova, who have acquired their experience in the field of consumer electronics wholesale in several European countries, including their country of origin: the Netherlands and the Slovak Republic. Being more than 11 years in the business, makes it for the Dutch- Slovak founding partners comfortable to say, that Handelot is a strong partner for all sizes of companies in the industry and has contributed significantly to the growth of the company.


Central Point Europe's operations take place in Europe, UAE and USA, having business partners in over 40 countries worldwide and are managed from the headquarters in the Slovak Republic, distanced only one hour from Vienna, Austria. The dedicated sales team of Central Point Europe is ready to serve the world by speaking 17 world languages. Central Point Europe's warehouse, which is located at the headquarters guarantees that all orders are shipped fast to customers all over the planet. The mission is to continuously offer innovative products, compete the market with sharp prices and provide first-class services with the efforts of all members of the international management and sales team.

Central Point Europe s.r.o handelot