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Bluefin Century

A walk to success

Starting up

  • <10 employees
  • Operating in East-Central Europe
  • Few, European suppliers


  • Top tier wholesaler in Europe
  • 70+ employees
  • €100M Turnover

Handelot input

  • Diversified international supplier portfolio
  • Diversified international customer portfolio
  • Reduced lead time
Bluefin Century handelot

Here at Bluefin Century everyone know that operating a successful business goes beyond buying low and selling high. The key is having the right partners, as the kind of the partner makes the true difference between gaining and losing money. Our corporate philosophy is centered around the principles of building a long lasting business relationship with all of our partners, which is based on mutual trust and respect. That is the reason we are working together with Handelot as they are delivering only those business partners which match out corporate philosophy.


Founded by handful former phone traders, Bluefin Century started its business operations in Bratislava, Slovakia in 2012. After a few years operating mainly in the East-Central European region the organization quickly gained international awareness and expanded its business interests all over the world. With the valued assistance of Handelot the enterprise gain access to valuable information sources which proved to be essential in the process of international expansion in the years leading up till now.


Bluefin Century is the true example of adapting to shifts in the industry. With the help of the firm’s qualified, experienced staff and up to date enterprise management technologies they tightly keep up current market trends and selling goods with the highest demand. Thanks to the additional input of Handelot they were able to gain a much wider international trusted supplier and customer base. On top of that they were able to cut their lead time almost in half.

At the moment more than 70 employees operating in 3 Eastern-Central European countries working passionately to perform on these principles. Just as at its foundation Bluefin Century’s core goal is to provide it’s client base top quality goods and services at the best possible price available on the market in the shortest range of time. That is why the company is continuously expanding it’s internal and external functions and adapts innovations to enhance overall business practices. Bluefin Century delivers into more than 40 countries worldwide and the numbers are growing year after year.

Bluefin Century handelot