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A walk to success

Starting up

  • Working within the GCC region
  • Poor and limited range of products: Blackberry, Sony, B-brands
  • Office in Kuwait
  • Uncontrolled export risks


  • Worldwide operations
  • Direct re-seller of Apple
  • Dealing with electronics and accessories from all major brands
  • Own branch in USA and UAE

Handelot input

  • Developed new distribution channels
  • Minimized risks
  • Help to established and develop USA operations

''Handelot has a global reach at all levels. They know mostly all of the companies across the globe. We use their tools in order to verify the customer, advice about the market status of the company, about the brand and the trends in the market. It is not only a platform, it is more then a platform. Handelot is a marketing partner for us. We grow together, we grow with their help and we are reaching our goals through it. It is remarkable how the platform is operating, how they know and care about each and every account.. It is very rare to find somebody who’ll receive a call being across the globe. We see the value in that.”

Al Thanayyan group
AbouAl Thanayyan

The company started in Kuwait, making first steps into the sector with Blackberry handsets, which were in high demand by that time. Al-Thanayyan then moved to operations across the region – gaining the markets of Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Oman and Bahrain. In 2012 Al-Thanayyan Group decided to enter the partnership with Handelot. While expanding beyond the region, the company counted on advice from Handelot team about current clients, making sure new contact are verified. New steps were taken with the help in carrying safe transactions.


Al-Thanayyan became an important player in the market. Currently dealing with mobility products and accessories of all major brands, the company is also an official reseller of Apple. Al-Thanayyan is dedicated to a multi distribution level, working at all channels from vendor distributor to the small wholesaler and even retailer channels across the region. The range of their activity is of an international level now, buying from Hong Kong, Singapore, Europe and recently strengthening the connections with US suppliers and customers – the company has opened own branch in US – Smart Telecomm LLC. The AIC managed to build a successful workforce of multi teams who take care each one for a country, controlling the process, working on (the inside management) and business relations. The core of the business is about respect and the relation between Al-Thanayyan Group and their vendors, suppliers and customers. Looking forward to take new steps, the company plans to expand further into the Asian market and continue effective cooperation with Handelot.