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Posted: 12.04.2017


  Martin Cooper the man behind the engineering for Motorola, all he wanted was to enable people carry phones anywhere they go. That is why he was nicknamed the "father of the cell phone" after he invented a mobile phone that weight approximately more than two pound and it took more than 10 hours to charge but it only retained the power for only 35 minutes during its usage. Back then such phone were only of military and government as they were so expensive and classified. Today mobile phone have evolved to smart phone which are easy accessible and cheap, it is approximated 90% of the world population are using phone as it has become a part of our existence in our daily life. The technology in mobile phones and mobile networks have revolve so fast of the last few years and cannot wait to see what next.

Here are some of future technologies that have started evolving and they will surprise us with time:

1. Fast charging and power storage

Most of us are connected to our phone 24/7, so there is a need to keep our mobile battery power even in absence of charging power so existence of a technology that can keep our device powered for long and have a fast charging system is of importance. Some company such as Zap &Go Carbon Ion cell has already embraced such technology by developing a 5 minute charger that can charge a cell phone in minutes saving time. Some are even using the technology of green energy (solar) to make sure one is 24/7 connected. Maybe in future technology may revolve to seconds charging phones. Lithium-ion batteries that are mostly used in our electronic products including phone ,tablet and cordless powerless tools and electric vehicles utilize this technology however research all over are looking for a way to improve on the Lithium-ion batteries life.

2. Flexibility of Smartphone designs and size

There seems to be a surprising twist in the mobile technology as instead if the sizes decreasing the size tend to increase, but according to senior researcher Ramon Llamas suggest that smart phone will be in between 3.7 inch to 4.3 inch. The future mobile may change to smaller design as predicated in some movies, where a character has a tiny phone. Researchers are working on the concept of designing a mobile that have a regular LCD (liquid crystal displays) or OLED (organic light-emitting diode) display on one side while the other side an electronic-ink display or just using the OLED. For the past companies have been using LCD in smartphone but with the introduction of OLED technology in the market it has taken a twist. Samsung have already embrace this technology by introducing Galaxy S7 Edge and has made its viral company Apple to also adopt the technology as it is expected to use OLED display on iPhone for the first time 2017 these technology there have come up with smartphone that can actually be folded into two. One such technology is Samsung and Nokia the Morph phone that are flexible. There is expectation that iphone 8 will have a curved screen and will also incorporate USPTO's that is it will allow the user to work on the phone using the both side of the phone and introduction of sensor to the phone.

3. Speed

With the introduction of the 4G internet speed in browsing the fastest speed today, in a few years to come the world would be surprised. Future generation wireless network could be so quick that one would download or stream a high-def movie in seconds. This could be the end of external memory storage device such as memory card as we will no longer need them as everything will be cloud based and everything will be stored and accessed in the could making the storage a thing of the past.

4. Part of our life

Phone soon may become apart of our life and even our best friend. Phones have taken a role in our life from setting alarms to wake us, doing shopping sited at our couch and to even managing our finances and carrying out transactions. Smartphone have became so addictive that they are the first thin one reach out to when one wake up, interact with it during the day and the last thing to interact with when sleeping. If you have ever slept with your phone in your hand then you can confess to this. It is not a surprise as we are entering in a world on mobile technology and may have positive impact in our life more than chat, selfie and call. These technologies maybe applied in medical field, for years doctors that implanted pacemakers to help heart keep beating and the cochlear devices that is implanted in ears to help in hearing. Soon there maybe Technology that can monitor health of a patient. Many companies like Google, Audi and Uber have a prediction that a car can be driver-less, the idea will be more efficient and safer to human in future but today there seems to be a mix reaction about the safety of this technology. In 2017 there was an accident when the Uber company was self testing the driveless car.

5. 3D And Virtual reality (VR)

Fewer new smartphones will offer cheaper ways to enjoy virtual reality with introduction of Samsumg new Gear VR that can turn an ordinary smart phone into a control system for VR. A start up Ostendo Technologies are already developing 3D screen that can disappear in a thin air that can prod and even be manipulated. The future of handset will be a technology of past if the 3D wearable technology will succeed and we may all forget carrying our phone. iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus brings a powerful new approach to the multi-touch interface with 3D by letting the user do things in faster way by just a press.

6. Education tools

With the trending world of technology it is believed that it will not be long when the mobile devices and other electronics will evolve education sector. We have already started the journey as one can study, take exam and attend lecture in your sitting room through online learning, it has made studying so convenience as one do not need to travel to different part of the world to learn.
Futurologists and experts have predicted that mobile phone will be embedded in our future daily activities, even some will have remote control in our life and may even literally run, monitor and even control our lives on behalf of us. We all eager of the next coming generation of new technology and cannot wait to interact with it.