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  • FUTURE READY: The Jordanian Mobile Market


    A Star in the Middle East Region for IT and Telecoms, Jordan has always been at the forefront of Technology. The involvement of the operators in the handset echo system is among the most advanced in the region and this had been the case from the beginning of the GSM rollout in the country. I have fond memories of dealing with Fastlink (Zain) during my days at Siemens Mobile...

  • Conclusion - A User Guide to the Mega Wholesale Mobile Phone Business in the UAE.


    These are interesting times for Technology, teenagers from across the world are running in unknown directions trying to catch virtual creatures playing Pokemon Go. There are 4000 downloads per minute on iOS and Android devices for this disruptive app. Please see for yourself live at:   I read a scary yet true statement the other day in an article that went like this, "Every time a line of software code is written nowadays, someone loses his job'. This is becoming a reality with technologies venturing out way faster than we can handle. Please see the tweet below, sort of tells us the directions of things to go.

  • Gamescom, Why is It Worth to Attend?


    Did you know that people who play video games, especially adults have higher levels of happiness, and tend to relax a lot easier, that those who don’t, as a result of playing? Adrenaline-pumping, complex and challenging, video games have come a long way since the original titles of the 1970s, and there is increasing evidence that if you’re an avid video game player, the benefits go beyond entertainment and improved eye coordination.

  • (Part 5) - Salesmen of the Trade - A User Guide to the Mega Wholesale Mobile Phone Business in the U


    Sales is an art form, either you are a sales person or your'e not; Period. This is also not an acquired talent that can be learnt in some institute. Every product...