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    Martin Cooper the man behind the engineering for Motorola, all he wanted was to enable people carry phones anywhere they go. That is why he was nicked name the "father of the cell phone" after he invented a mobile phone that weight approximately more than two pound and it took more than 10 hours to charge but it only retained the power for only 35 minutes during its usage. Back then such phone were only of military and government as they were so expensive and classified. Today mobile phone have evolved to smart phone which are easy accessible and cheap, it is approximated 90% of the world population are using phone as it has become a part of our existence in our daily life. The technology in mobile phones and mobile networks have revolve so fast of the last few years and cannot wait to see what next.

  • Apple will start building iPhones in India by April, says IT minister


    Priyank Kharge, the IT minister for the Indian state of Karnataka, has said that Apple will soon begin assembling iPhones in the country. Kharge tells that manufacturing will begin in state capital Bangalore, officially known as Bengalaru, by the end of April. Apple is said to be partnering with Taiwanese contract manufacturer Wistron for its Indian operations.

  • For all China Spec and Xiaomi buyers and sellers.


    For all China Spec and Xiaomi buyers and sellers.

    We got report from market that people are selling refurbished as new Xiaomi phones.

  • Samsung Electronics to Acquire HARMAN, Accelerating Growth in Automotive and Connected Technologies


    Samsung Electronics and Harman International Industries, Incorporated today announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement under which Samsung will acquire HARMAN for $112.00 per share in cash, or total equity value of approximately $8.0 billion.