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  • BlackBerry news


    BlackBerry confirmed it would stop making its Classic headset with its iconic physical keyboard as part of an effort to modernize its lineup.

  • Samsung's 4TB SSD is built to replace your hard drive


    It's not hard to get a capacious solid-state drive if you're running a server farm, but everyday users still have to be picky more often than not: either you get a roomy-but-slow spinning hard drive or give up that capacity in the name of a speedy SSD. Samsung may have finally delivered a no-compromise option, however.

  • The effect of BREXIT on Consumer Electronics


    After the Brexit referendum, things are not looking good either for the UK, the pound or the Consumer Electronics industry. There is a slowdown and CE giants like Samsung and LG have started voicing their concerns. Although immature predict, but the South Korean exports have been affected negatively due to reduced consumer spendings. Uncertainty has been the biggest threat for CE for both businesses and consumers alike, by immediate effects in the UK and Europe in the short term. Consumers are preparing for the worst by spending less on non-essential commodities like smartphones and tablets.

  • 4K and HDR Streaming Options brought by Nvidia Shield


    The Nvidia Shield Android TV box's latest software update, announced this week, expands the 4K and HDR video content available on the popular streaming device, and adds a few new features that will make it play nice with computers and the rest of your home entertainment setup.