The handelot times issue XX 02. Intro THE HANDELOT TIMES- The Online B2B Magazine for Electronics Wholesalers The tech industry is changing quickly and we want to keep you up to date with the latest news. We are developing ourselves by opening up to new innovations in IT. We are growing and keeping a reliable source of B2B information from all over the world. With The Handelot Times, we will bring you more information about market trends, share cutting-edge ideas, and bring our world together with yours. 10 years on the market The Handelot Times: Design: Adam Mieloszynski Copywriter: Melania Romanelli Copywriter: Brendan James Copywriter: Kazi Najib Ashraf Copywriter: The Old Hand Associates of the organisation: Taha Tuzuner – Business Consultant Team Leader Dima Malovanyi – Business Consultant Team Leader Alicja Gogola – Business Consultant Omar Benabdellah – Business Consultant Koushik Deka – Business Consultant Trang Nguyen – Business Consultant Jon Rodriguez – Business Consultant Venktesh Prasad – Business Consultant Jack Serdak – Business Consultant Victoria Chen – Business Development Iryna Mats – Administrative Manager Basak Senturk – Partner Coordinator Team Lead Aleksandra Rządkowska – Partner Coordinator Katarzyna Mroczkowska – Partner Coordinator Paulina Franikowska – Partner Coordinator Elzbieta Di Franco – Partner Coordinator Svitlana Shaposhnikova – Graphic designer Khrystyna Terletska – Administration Tetiana Handziuk – Administration Agnieszka Pulawska – CFO Valentyn Petruchek – Head of Development Alexander Golovnya – Development Cesar Gonzalez Patryk Skowron Advertising: For quotes please email or call us at +48717152600. 03. Index 04-05. Quick Hits 2 06-08. The truth behind the Covid masks and the real European certified standards_3 09. handelot_1 10-11. Coronavirus, Alibaba and Taobao Live_ the new online life of closed stores_2 12-13. ECommerce and WhatsApp, digital habits in quarantine_2 14-15. Yukatel - Mobile Phones2 16-17. VIP Gold + services_4 18-19. PPA - Mobile Phones 2 20-23. The old Hand 4 Lockdown_4 24. Ps4 and Ps5 pro_ what scenarios_1 25. Price per Magazine 1 26-27. Smart telecom 2 pages 28-30. Video calls in Zoom_ Eric Yuan, the businessman who became a billionaire with the coronavirus (and why he had to apologize)_3 31-32. Motorola unveils Edge smartphones_2 33-35. Xbox Series X_ how big is it compared to Xbox One and what's different_3 36. Top Products Top Manufacturer Top Brands Top Models_1 37-38. Najibs Corner 2 39-41. PC ENGINE CORE GRAFX MINI REVIEW_ ONE OF THE BEST MINI CONSOLES_3 42. H-asia - Mobile Phones 1 43-44. Apple and 5G struggles for new iPhone 12_2 45-47. New Trending Tech 2020_3 48. Teksmart Used Phones Specialist1 49-51. Tracing App for Covid19_3 52. Facebook wides Messenger Kids_1 53. Folding screens are old_ Huawei already looks at sliding screens_1
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