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Globax 28-29 Airpods 30-31 Najibs Corner 32-33 Huawei in trouble 34-35 Instagram B2B 36-37 Brendan's Takeaways from the East 38-40 Danger with logistics 41. Top 10 trades 42-43 Also buying ABC Data 44-45 Whatsapp changing the way we communicate and do business 46. handelot offices 4-5. Quick hits- sum up: few news about the electronic business- phones, IT, gaming SpaceX launches Crew Dragon: an historic test flight SpaceX - the space company of Elon Musk - launched Crew Dragon, the space taxi that brought the Ripley mannequin to the ISS (International Space Station). The Crew Dragon, the space capsule for the transportation of NASA astronauts, has successfully joined the International Space Station. And it brought the Ripley mannequin, named after the character of the Alien saga played by Sigourney Weaver, into space. With the launch, SpaceX has reached another milestone. To announce the achievement of this milestone is ISS itself in a tweet. Subsequently the objective of the capsule will be to transport the astronauts, as if it were a space taxi. Facebook: Instagram sue China-based firms over sales of fake accounts Facebook has sued four Chinese companies accusing them of selling fake accounts, followers and 'likes' that were used for disinformation campaigns and other prohibited activities. That was announced by the social network, which filed the papers at the Federal Court of San Francisco. The case involves fake accounts of both Facebook and Instagram. The company requests an injunction and damages of 100.000 $. From 2017 the companies would have advertised and sold fake account packages through six websites with domain names similar to Facebook, like ‘'. The companies, linked together, proposed the offer of services to 'increase likes, comments, friends', and presented themselves as 'Chinese strategic partner of Facebook'. For them the charge is of trademark infringement, terms of service and related crimes. To be involved - explained Facebook - are also other platforms such as Amazon, Apple, Google, LinkedIn and Twitter. YouTube CEO: disabling comments on minor videos was 'trade-off' for child safety Youtube disables comments on videos with minors. The portal reacts to reports of pedo pornographic content and to the reduction of investments by advertisers. 'During the last week - explains the portal owned by Google in a post - we have disabled comments from tens of millions of videos that may be subject to predatory behavior. These efforts are focused on children's videos and we will continue to identify those at risk. In the coming months, we will expand this action on videos that may be at risk.' Only 'a small number' of users who publish content will be able to keep comments enabled. But 'they will be required to actively moderate their comments'. They will therefore have to ensure a strong control and will be supported by the platform to achieve the goal. Foldables phones at MWC: the new Foldable Mate X The WMC presented two different ways of interpreting the same concept, that of folding smartphone: the Samsung Galaxy Fold and the Huawei Mate X. The folding smartphone from Huawei is one of the most rumored about devices coming next year and was officially revealed during the MWC 2019 in Barcelona, ​​with the official name Mate X. For a long time the Chinese company seemed a step ahead of its rival Samsung in the development of the first folding device, but today we know that things have gone differently. After a fleeting appearance at the Samsung Devoleper Conference 2018 and after years of research and more or less insistent voices, Samsung Galaxy Fold stunned those present at Samsung Unpacked 2019, opening the presentation conference of the new Galaxy S10.The South Korean company's smartphone will open like a book, from a smartphone with a 4.6-inch AMOLED display to a 7.3-inch tablet. The new revolutionary device will count on 6 cameras (triple on the back, double on the inside and a front) and 12 GB of RAM for 512 GB of internal memory. Among the revealed features, the ability to use up to three multitasking applications in tablet mode, Smartphones sells in 2019 according to MWC Even if global markets in 2019 should return to modest growth, the smartphone segment may still fall by 0.8%. Not a dramatic drop, which however would result in about 10 million units less than in 2018, which in turn had totaled 60 million pieces less than in 2017. If these forecasts are met, 2019 would become the third consecutive negative year in the sector. But we can see a light at the end of the tunnel. IDC, in fact, predicts that 5G smartphones can begin to grow, even if for we are stick to only + 0.5% compared to total shipments that amount to 1.39 billion units. A growth that on the one hand leads to cautious optimism for the future of the sector, and on the other hand appears rather disappointing compared to the hopes and expectations of new generation smartphones. 5G at MWC The innovations presented at the MWC in Barcelona have moved the waters in a bit stagnant industry, offering not only new devices but innovative models with futuristic form factors and new generation technologies. 5G mobile phones are no exception. In Barcelona, ​​a number of models with 5G connectivity made their first appearance, despite the absence of active commercial services. This new technology can improve the strenuous sales of smartphones in 2019. SMB Report 2018 by Amazon: a success for the small companies. Amazon outpaces the data of the market that brings together, in collaboration with thousands of small and medium-sized companies. Small companies, big numbers: it is on this contrast of colors that Amazon has depicted the success of its worldwide sales service, with over 130 countries included in what is a growing business dynamic. The group has in fact issued its own SMB Report 2018 dedicated to sales concluded by small and medium companies through the marketplace of Jeff Bezos and the results included therein appear extremely rosy. All this, according to Amazon, would have contributed to the creation of over 900 thousand jobs worldwide. Android brand new hit (from the MWC) While the smartphone world of Apple, Samsung and Huawei chases the latest cry in terms of new and sensational technologies, at WMC 2019 Android has routed the competition by presenting versatile models suitable for different types of public: from the historic super-economic model with Internet access from 50 $ (Nokia 3310) to the Android 7.0 Full HD screen with 1090p resolutions (Lenovo Moto 5G, 230 $), from the return of BlackBerry with its smartphone TLC BlackBerry KEYone and its keyword thought for processionals but also consumer (550 $) to the Premium Version of the Sony Xperia XZ and its high performance dynamic range mirror display and the 4G LTE processors (data transfer at up to 1Gbps. Android is ready for the challenge in 2010 with a wide list of different types of solutions for everyone! Goldman Sachs doesn't think Apple can compete with Samsung's new foldable phone Apple and Samsung may offer similar functionality when it comes to their flagship smartphones: both the latest iPhone and Galaxy phones include, for example, edge-to-edge displays and facial recognition. But when it comes to folding phones, Samsung will have a significant advantage in the near term, according to a team of Goldman Sachs analysts led by Rod Hall. In a note published on February 20, the company called the $ 1280 Galaxy Fold recently introduced by Samsung 'the main potential challenge' for Apple in the ultra high-end smartphone market. 'In terms of competition for Apple, we see the Fold as the ultimate ultra-end potential challenge with a convincing form factor that only Samsung's folding OLED technology can offer in our view,' reads the note. If Samsung's new folding form factor turns out to be a success, Goldman Sachs believes it can postpone access to display technology to Apple for use in its iPhone. 'We consider this as a challenge for Apple that may not have access to flexible OLED technology, for which we believe Samsung has at least a two-year advantage over other display competitors,' says the note. 6. kamkwat 7. parktel 8-9. QUICK HITS A selection of tech news from around the world. Polish Minister of Digitization Marek Zagorski has outlined the way forward for the implementation of 5G networks in the country, per a report from Telecompaper. The Mega Act, which will soon head to the legislature for a vote, will assign the 3.4-3.8 GHz bands and the 700MHz band for 5G. One of the reasons for the delayed rollout of 5G in Poland is concern over supposed enhanced radiation brought about by shorter wavelengths associated with the new standard. The hurdles over establishing 5G in Switzerland illustrate this fear, with painstaking research having been done on the risks of constructing the new network. According to CNBC, Huawei is striking back at the US ban of their consumer products by filing suit in a federal district court, citing denial of due process in being punished without first having a fair hearing. Huawei’s US lawsuit comes after CFO Meng Wanzhou filed legal proceedings against Canadian authorities, accusing them of violating her constitutional rights by arresting, detaining and searching her property, also from CNBC.. Trials and tribulations have not stopped Huawei from betting on themselves in the smartwatch game. GSMArena reports that two new watches, the Watch GT Active and Watch GT Elegant, will be launched alongside the P30 in March. They follow up the original Watch GT, which curiously lacked internet connectivity. Samsung has unveiled the Galaxy Fold, a smartphone that folds out like a notebook to give users more screen real estate, for release in April. Per Bloomberg Tech, not only is Samsung designing no fewer than two further such phones, but Xiaomi is also designing a phone that can fold both ways. Huawei is also said to be laying down plans for a foldable phone. Bloomberg reports that Qualcomm is rolling out yet another chip, the X55, which will contain 5G connectivity. The company is said to want to avoid a slow response to the rollout of 4G technology earlier this decade, as well as diminishing returns in 4G chip manufacturing investments due to the slowing of smartphone sales. 10. 1.In the first place, I would like to know how did you start with electronics.What were your first steps in our industry? All started in a twenty square meter local, across from the Picasso Bookstore, downtown Almeria. It was more than 16 years ago, when my brother Luis, my partner in GLOBOMATIK, he was only 26 and I was 32 years old. Our business was B2C and focused on computer components sales and repairing services. The very beginning was amazing as we were in love with technology (we still are). After few months of experience we starting to import some products with a very interesting pricing gaps from Europe and our company was turning slowly into a B2B distributor. After many years of hard work we were achieving an excellent level of development with more than +5000 active customers purchasing in 2018. The main players from the local market are customers from GLOBOMATIK, including retailers, etailers, small businesses, resellers, etc. 2. Globomatik is not just another mobile phone dealing company. Can you explain to us what are the range of products you deal with? GLOBOMATIK is currently one of the most important wholesalers in our country, Spain. This achievement is due to a large number of agreements that we managed to reach with the main A brands of the market, allowing us to properly supply them to our customers. We're able to supply all kind of electronic devices, from computer components to game consoles, products oriented to Gaming, networking, POS, monitors, video surveillance... etc. Which means more than one hundred brands and over 5000 different products in our portfolio. Our warehouse stocks every item from our portfolio, what allows us to be ready to deliver them immediately to our customers. The agreements with the main couriers of the market warrant that the goods arrive to our customers on time with very competitive rates and the best service. 3. What are your statistics among the biggest in Spain? There were rumors you were among the top 3 in Spain As I have already mentioned, Globomatik has experienced a growth much above the average within the sector and even higher than the Spanish business average, obtaining different awards for it. The last one granted by the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG), proprietary firm of the London Stock Exchange, that placed us as one of the 70 Spanish SMBs with greater growth and generation of employment of all Europe. Currently, we are in second position, as the wholesaler with Spanish social capital that generates more business in our industry. 4. What is your percentage of export against import? During 2018 we sold in 28 different countries. We have a department focused on international sales. At the moment the national market weighs much more, but we are working in different projects that will allow us to consolidate our figure as international supplier and giving us the opportunity to grow in other markets. 5. Where do you think is our industry heading? In what products do you see the future? Globomatik will continue betting for the IT, as we consider it our core business: computer components like motherboards, HDDs, memories, and specially for graphics cards, laptops, game consoles, monitors, TVs, cameras and mobile phones. We will also continue to strengthen our networking area and consolidate our position as one of the leading wholesalers specialized in gaming products. 6. Are you the sole owner of Globomatik? Can you tell us a little bit about the management? Globomatik has two owners with 50% shared capital. Luis is my brother and business partner. Since 6 years ago, Marco Huertas joined our team as CEO of Globomatik and helps us with the management and direction of the company. Marco Huertas has worked throughout his professional life in some of the main wholesalers in our country and was the perfect candidate to help us to continue professionalizing the company. Jose Alberto is the head of our export department; he is sharp on relationship business and a very smart person that manages the international team. 7. What would you recommend to new companies entering our industry? What would be the 3 advices you would give them? First and foremost a lot of patience, they must learn how to rely on the best professionals, they should be focused in the client, the customer satisfaction must be always the main value in every deal. In Globomatik we are specialists in providing the best service. We have our customers at the center of everything and this determines our entire strategy and way to work. Keeping our customers happy is the best way to reach the excellence. 11-13. Service Return is an innovative platform that connects traders, clients and repairers with easy and useful tools and ser- vices that can help them organize and save time, and also making after sales easier for everyone. A platform that can save a lot of energy and time and that helps the buying flow thanks to a great trustworthy or- ganization. Traders, in fact, can focus on their core busi- ness and work at their best, while Service Re- turn takes care of clients and challenging stuff for them. As the website claims, with them ser- vice is “all taken care of”. When a client has a complain, a request or wants a simple information, Service Return is able to manage the flow of information with the clients without bothering the traders, so that the communication is even faster and easier. Clients, on the contrary, can have a wonderful customer care experience while buying a product and a great Aftersale managing, if some problem comes up. They can ask for a Replace, a Product Exchange or a Refund whenever they are not sat- isfied and can contact directly for assistance. Traders will maintain the owner- ship of the transactions, while Service Return will take care of the rest. Clients can also ask for help for an extended warranty, even if the warranty has expired and they want a new one. And even if they don’t know anyone who can fix their techni- cal problems, Service Return provides repairmen and a full door to door service. Repairmen, moreover, will enjoy the benefits of a platform and a virtuous circuit or profession- als and service requests from clients, without efforts or possibility of misunderstanding. These three actors will need to register on the website service-re- and start their easy experience with Service Return and all its great supply. How does the after sales work? Service Return is really easy to use: it’s, in fact, a website and also a smartphone and mo- bile Application for warranty returns and for managing the buying and after sells flow. Its core business services are: ? Customer Care Service ? Return Policy ? Warranty Managing ? Exchange Products ? Money Refund ? Repairing Service Customer Care Service Service Return manages the communication flow from clients to sellers and traders. Customers can contact directly the website and ask for a special and needed service. Service Return and its collaborators will take care of the issue and solve it on behalf of the sellers. The Customer care service covers all kind of requests: product return claims, warranty requests and extension, exchange products and money re- fund policy and a great repairing service, thanks to a wide net of professionals and trusted technicians. Service Return takes care of everything so that sell- ers and traders can focus on their business. Return policy When a client is not satisfied with a purchase, they don’t have to worry about the process and its trustworthiness. In fact, they can contact Service Return and decide what they want to do with the product they have purchased and go in a strict direction. They can decide to return it by requesting a product exchange or a mon- ey refund. All this without contacting the sellers (and sometimes we know this can be a very long and tricky journey) but having at their disposal a team of available professional (those selected with care from Service Return, of course). Warranty managing Service Return is a revolutionary APP that is doing the Warranty Managing for the clients! The client has to register on the website and log in to the Warranty Manager system (My SR). Service return keeps all the clients’ lifestyle products war- ranties in one place online in the Cloud, so they can stop worrying about them. Warranty Manag- er is really easy to use and to enter, so that the cli- ents not only can have all the lifestyle products’ warranties in one place but can also forget about them! The application will automatic send a mes- sage when the warranty is about to expire to ad- vice the clients to take action and think about a renewal or an extension. Exchange Products and Money Refund It’s really easy for the clients to decide to ex- change a product whenever they are not satis- fied with it. The only requests the system makes 8 9 is not to use the item before exchanging it. It has to be re-packed and attached with the original purchase receipt. The clients can find all they need to know to fix the package online, as re- quested on the dedicated website section. Plus, it will take just one minute to fill the online form and let the courier go at their house to take the package and deliver it for them. The same process shown for the Exchange Products Process is also valid for the Money Refund Process, that can be processed online and that can be validated from the door to door couriers. Repairing Service Service Return shows two types of prices, linked to the two services provided: diagnosis and repair. The prices for diagnosis on the web- site include transportation. The repair cost is normally sent by e-mail when the profession- al diagnosis is completed. If the product is still under warranty and the warranty itself covers the damage, both the diagnosis and repair are free of charge. Otherwise, online you can find an explicative list of all the products that can be repaired and their relative costs. Service Return Benefits As you can see, Service Return is a really innovative platform that promises to help all the demand and supply process from traders and sellers to customers, covering the after sell tricky situations where the once great relation- ship falls apart. We can add to that all the general benefits from choosing Service Return: ? Time saving, as the clients don’t have to go outside and worry about long lines or infinite and impersonal processes. Service Return cou- riers will go to client’s house and pick up the faulty product, send it to the authorized repara- tion service, and then delivering back wherever the client wants. ? Easy Flow, as Service Return already took care of everything before happening. The clients just need to complete the submission form on- line regarding a product or a service. ? The best services, as Service Return co- operates only with authorized services and great international producers. ? Less time to repair a product, as the clients can have the product back in 15 days maximum. ? Free transport, as clients do not have to pay for transportations and courier taxes as it is all covered from Service Return. What the clients can import? Clients can import everything they want in the field of Consumer Electronics, Personal Technology and Video Games, respecting some limitation we will provide below in this para- graph. They don’t have to go physically to the store and they can enjoy their purchase right away without worries. Here are the specific light weight electronics that can be also imported into Europe: ? Mobile phones ? Laptops ? Consoles ? Smart Watches ? Electronics ? Appliances ? Cars and motorcycles ? Gardening equipment The import has some limitations and excep- tion, regarding: ? - white goods, such as large electrical goods used domestically such as refrigerators and washing machines, named by their typical- ly white color; ? - brown goods, such as light electronic consumer durables computers, digital media players, TVs and radios. How much all this cost? Being an revolutionary concept doesn’t mean it sould be expensive, and it isn’t. Service Re- turn’s packages offer full customer care support and full warranty , covering 24 month warranty and a maximum repair time of 15 days. You can also access other services such as the return of unused items, post-warranty repairs, after sales and extended warranty of 3 or 4 years with an even shorter maximum repair time of 5 days. For an personalized package offer and more information about costs you can contact Service Return via email at Additionally services Service Return is also a gold mine for a series of important purchasing services: ? Post Warranty Service, with addition- al cost-return. Even if the clients - do not have Service Return warranty, they can register the product and the warranty online to make sure they can use the post guarantee service and se- cure it. ? Post warranty repair. By purchasing a Post warranty reparation, the client can ask for help whenever a problem occurs. The Service can provide a full explanation about the cost and send repairman to client’s house to take care of the issue. ? After sales extended warranty, 1 or 2 years with 5 days max repair time is the amount of the extended warranty that Service Return provides to its clients. Why and when one should need Service Re- turn? You are a client and you are looking for rapid and clear assistance: Service Return can help you with anything. Let’s say you are buying a Xiaomi smartphone from China without warranty. You can sell it in European Union using Service Return pro- cess and the app without any issues, because it’s covered - with 2 years EU warranty and 15 days maximum repair time, while your clients are hap- pier and more relaxed; You are a trader and have products with no European warranty: no problem at all because Service Return can help you managing the pur- chase and the coverage; You are a trader and you have product with European warranty and you do not know a near- by authorized service center: no problem at all because Service Return can provide you with an- ything you need with just an online request form; You are a service center and you can’t handle customers: Service Return is the right place to bring your customers, because it will easily take care of that. As you can see, Service Return can provide a lot of easiest way to ensure products and to make sure that someone, a professional and trustworthy technician, can repair the damages while contacting the Customer Care. A smart and futuristic way of taking control of our purchasing and our online shopping from all over the world. Traders, clients, repairman and ser- vice center are free: they can rely on Service Re- turn for all their issues. That in this case are far from being a problem: they are already taken care of! 14. LOgistics on handelot 15. Vitel Reward point 16-17. VIP Gold members 18-19. Velara travel Velara Travel would like to offer members of Handelot Platform unbeatable savings when traveling for business or leisure just about anywhere in the world. Our Travel Platform is able to solve a huge problem for Hotels and Travel Providers by liquidating their unbooked inventory, often at rock bottom prices.  Velara Travel discount offers are based on room and space availability. We provide unbeatable savings when the hotel or travel provider anticipates a lot of empty rooms or seats at any given time, not only at the last minute.  Once you make a reservation, our team immediately secures your reservation so you are not affected if the travel provider is overbooked. There are very few sites that actually do that. We take care of our members by giving them customer service we would wish to receive. Please provide information requested below via email to so we will set up an account and login credentials. Welcome email will be sent back to your email along with your login information and password. 1. First and last name 2. Email 3. Business or Home address 4. Phone number along with country and city code Enjoy More Savings, More Travel, More Smiles! Thank you for saving us! EMAIL: WEBSITE: 20-23. MWC 2019 4 The coolest thing at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona The MWC 2019 is the world's largest exhibition for smartphones and mobile technology we expect every year, and that every time brings a lot of amazing news about mobile phones and the technologies involved (and not only those). Among the brand new ideas on 2019 we just saw: • Folding phones • 5G phones • phones with five cameras • … and much much more. Here are some of the greatest product and announcements concerning the biggest names of smartphones and mobile technology: Huawei Mate X - Huawei presented it at Mobile World Congress 2019 as the world's first fastest 5G folding smartphone. The truth? It's a smartphone that leaves you breathless and changes the way you use your smartphone as we know it today. 'Folding' and '5G' are definitely the watchwords in this 2019 for the mobile world. Both are of primary importance for Huawei, who has decided to put a key stake in its vision of the now almost present future. The new Huawei Mate X is a product ready to revolutionize the smartphone market again thanks to a completely foldable display and the latest generation Balong 5000 module to support the fast 5G network. Something more than what was seen by Samsung with its Galaxy Fold that does not have, at least for the time being, the support for the fast network on arrival and beyond. Samsung Galaxy Fold - Samsung Galaxy Fold is one of the most advanced and complete Android tablets available. It has a large 7.3 inch display with a resolution of 2048x1536 pixels. The features offered by this Samsung Galaxy Fold are really many and cutting edge. Starting from the 4G LTE module which allows excellent data transfer and internet browsing. 12 megapixel camera but also allows the Samsung Galaxy Fold to take pictures of good quality with a resolution of 4032x3024 pixels and record video in 4K at a resolution of 3840x2160 pixels. The thickness of just 0mm makes this Samsung Galaxy Fold a complete product and among the thinnest on the market. Samsung launched the product with a new brand campaign to 'kick off a year that will celebrate the tenth anniversary of Galaxy smartphones and lay the foundation for the next decade of new and innovative products’. HoloLens 2 - At MWC 2019 Microsoft presented HoloLens 2, the second generation of the mixed reality viewer. The new device of the Redmond house is able to ensure greater immersion thanks to a more than doubled field of view, maintaining the holographic density of 47 pixels per degree of vision, and the interaction modes completely renewed. HoloLens 2 contains a new system display that allows us to achieve significant performance improvements with low power consumption. It has completely renewed the way we interact with holograms. Taking advantage of our new ToF (time of flight) depth sensor, combined with the integrated understanding of AI and semantics, HoloLens 2 allows direct manipulation of holograms with the same instinctive gesture that the user uses to interact with physical objects in the real world. Motorola foldable phone - Motorola also launched the 2019 challenge on folding mobile phones, as we just saw being one of the main trends at the WMC in Barcelona. Various previous reports spoke of a device that incorporates the shell design of the iconic RAZR. Today, XDA Developers has unveiled other details related mainly to the software part. Motorola is actually presenting a dual-screen solution: a flexible inside and a second smaller external integrated in the part of the body visible to the closed device. According to the information obtained from the source, the user will not have access to the Android experience from the second panel. It seems, in fact, that Motorola has limited access only to some pre-installed system applications such as Moto Display, Moto Actions and Moto Camera. The external display can also be used when the smartphone is open. In this case, it will act as a usable trackpad - at the moment - just to scroll through web pages and application history. In addition, up to six Quick Settings can be displayed on this screen and the company is testing the possibility of using Moto Display for time display, notification and for managing multimedia contents. Nokia 9 PureView with 5 cameras - HMD Global at the Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona announced the long awaited Nokia 9 PureView, the first smartphone with a ZEISS optical tube to put next-generation computational imaging technology into the hands of advanced photography enthusiasts. Nokia 9 (PureView) is another high-end smartphone that HMD launches in partnership between HMD and Zeiss, with cameras all with Zeiss lenses. In 2017 HMD Global and ZEISS have jointly announced the signing of an exclusive partnership that aims to set new imaging standards in the smartphone industry. Nokia 9 PureView in a body measuring 155x75x8.0mm and weighs 172 grams houses a 5.99-inch POLED PureDisplay display with a ratio of 18: 9 resolution QHD + 2K protected by glass Corning Gorilla 5. To power the Nokia 9 PureView they put a 3320mAh battery with fast charge and integrated Qi Wireless charging and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset with 6GB of LPPDDR4x RAM and 128GB of UFS 2.1 internal memory. The LG G8 can be unlocked by reading your veins - There are not only folding phones (Samsung and Huawei) at the Mobile World Congress (MWC). One of the most interesting innovations of 1019, in fact, regards LG: the phone that can read the movements of the hand. The ThinQ G8 has an infrared camera maps the hand. For the producers it is the unlocking system. It will be on sale from May 2019 for less than 800 €. Lg G8 ThinQ literally reads your hand, even the two main veins. Lg G8 uses the Time of Flight technology developed by Infineon, to map' the hand thanks to an infrared camera whose rays are absorbed by the blood of the veins. According to the Korean manufacturer, the result is a more secure biometric recognition system of the eye release or the impression. Once mapped with the Z Camera (so called the novelty Lg), the fingers begin to do a lot of things: raise or lower the volume, move to Google Maps, capture screenshots, move from one app to another. And all this in fairly natural ways, opening and closing the hand. FlexEnable flexible Bracelet - The smartwatch market could soon be revolutionized thanks to the introduction of the new flexible screens presented at the Mobile World Congress by the British company FlexEnable. The product presented during the Iberian trade fair is a prototype, but FlexEnable spokesmen have revealed that, thanks to the collaboration of an important partner company (which is not named), the technology can be used in some products ready for the market within 18 months. FlexEnable presents a very flexible bracelet that uses particular plastic transistors and a screen that the company has called OLCD (organic liquid crystal display). According to FlexEnable technicians, these screens offer the same resolution as traditional LCD displays and consume the same energy. The OLCD screens could therefore be used also in other fields, in the automotive sector, for the realization of other types of wearable devices, of medical equipment, for new types of biometric sensors. CAT S60 Thermal Camera phone - The FLIR® camera with thermal imaging system integrated into the Cat S60 smartphones and the new Cat S61 can be used to monitor and diagnose problems on the spot and faster. It offers you a new perspective that is extremely useful on many occasions, such as: identifying heat losses around doors and windows; discovering wetlands and insulation problems; identifying overheated appliances and circuits; seeing in the dark. The Cat S61 has updated the best features of the Cat S60: now it is possible to measure temperatures up to 400 ºC, against the 120 ºC limit of the Cat S60; the camera of the Cat S61, moreover, offers you a higher resolution, going from VGA to HD and the best possible optimization, thanks to the FLIR MSX® technology. To use this new feature, just touch the MyFLIR app on your device. CAT has studied it well. S60 has 2 mechanical levers to close the speakers and support 5 meters of depth, it is IP68 certified and has doors with sheath to protect the microUSB, the SOS button, the headphone jack, microSD and microSIM of the rear panel. On Android, software side, it warns you if you perceive the presence of water, reminds you to close everything, offers you to switch to a special touch mode and, above all, makes you do a drying cycle called Speaker Dry that can last 2, 6 or 10 minutes. It is a mix of tones, sounds and vibrations that should help the water to leave the speakers. Sony’s Xperia Touch - Not only smartphones: Sony has chosen the stage of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​to present its interactive projector, the Xperia Touch. The Sony Xperia Touch thanks to some sensors that track the movement is able to make each surface touchable. It will arrive in Europe in spring. It is a device that, compared to products that fall into this category, presents some interesting news. Starting from the feature that allows the Japanese company's device to turn any surface into a sort of touch display. Then, it is also compatible with all devices that run on the green robot operating system. This means that, thanks to the Xperia Touch, it will be possible to project the screen of a smartphone or tablet directly onto a wall or a table. The Sony smart product is also equipped with an element uncommon in normal projectors: the battery. A not insignificant aspect, which will allow you to move the hi-tech device from one room to another without necessarily turning it off first. Epson Moverio BT-300 - Epson announces that the award-winning smart glasses for the augmented reality Moverio BT-300 which are today the OLED smartglass with lighter transparent lenses in the world, are available and ready to be used by drone enthusiasts and for aerial photography. The Moverio BT-300s are compatible with the DJI Go app, providing drone enthusiasts with more control over their devices, proving to be particularly useful for aerial shots and photographs. For their use you need to buy two additional accessories: two clips developed ad hoc that allow you to fix the Moverio controller to that of the drone, so that they remain close and connected to each other by a USB cable, and a blackout screen additional to be fixed on the lenses of the Moverio to ensure the best flight experience even in sunny and very bright environments. OLED smart glasses with transparent lenses are the lightest in the world, making them the right choice for working with drones. HTC Vive Focus Plus - HTC launched a new version of its Vive Focus viewer and this time applies in significant improvements in graphics and comfort. It was November 2017 when HTC announced to its audience a new device called HTC Vive Focus. Despite the powerful headset guaranteeing a step forward in VR technology, the success hoped for has never come for this company and one of the motivations concerned above all the price: $ 600 had been classified as too much by consumers. Despite the precedents, however, the Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona saw HTC present a Plus version of Vive Focus. Although aesthetically there are no changes, the company has declared that the controller is much more powerful and, above all, the functions are much more engaging, making the experience even more personal. Other improved tools: ergonomics and more comfortable graphics. That is what HTC offers with its new VR headset. Focus Vive Plus is marketed with two controllers in order to have one for each hand. Furthermore, the two new accessories do not guarantee only three degrees of freedom, but have been improved to guarantee six; now the user has the possibility to move his hands up, down, right, left, forward and back. Further to these improvements, HTC has decided to also implement improved graphics and above all a more comfortable and ergonomic design for the user who has to bring the headset. According to reports, the HTC Vive Focus Plus will be launched in the second quarter of 2019, but there are no certainties about the price. Given the price of the previous version set at $ 600, we should not expect an amount so distant from the previous. 24- 26. the old hand 3 Don’t Be A Wise Guy As traders our main objective is profit, in, out and make a profit. In fact often we don’t think of anything other than profit, quick and easy profit. Unfortunately we all know that it is never that simple nor is it that easy. But for some reason we frequently forget the rules of engagement and end up destroying our relationships with our suppliers or our buyers because our desire to close the deal overcomes our common sense. All those hours spent sourcing the buyer, sourcing the stock and attempting to complete the transaction can be destroyed in an instant when we lose our nerve and put that all important profit before more importantly people. Why do we do this and what is the answer to the problem? We do this because as traders we get over excited about the potential profit in the bank, our ego takes over and we forget how difficult it really is to complete the transaction. Within that adrenaline buzz we forget or dismiss good business practice, we almost convince ourselves that we have already done the deal, however we all know that the deal is never done until the money is in the bank. The answer to the problem is correct communication. Honest and upfront communication between the supplier and the buyer at all times and during the transaction. Years ago I was waiting for a Ryanair flight home in Dublin airport, it was in the early years of inexpensive flights. I waited and I waited, in fact I waited for four hours over the departure time and during that time not once did Ryanair tell their passengers that the flight was delayed, nor did they tell them that the flight had been cancelled until the four hour period had ended. Once the information was given, without any reason for the cancellation I add, then we had to move on and make other arrangements. Consistent, accurate, honest and timely communication is key to all businesses. If Ryanair had informed us in a consistent and correct manner during those four hours then we would not have been infuriated at the end of the process as indeed we were. A Trader must always be honest to his suppliers and his buyers. As traders we must manage their expectations and always inform them, immediately and at each and every conjecture during the transaction. Withholding crucial information from suppliers and buyers at key points within the transaction will end up with bad relations, burnt bridges. No matter how difficult or awkward it may seem to be at the time to relay bad news to our counterparts we must discipline ourselves to do it. If we do not then the outcome will be much worse. We are totally reliant on our relationships with our suppliers and our buyers and once we burn those relationships then not often do we get a chance to revisit them. Within the last 28 years I have burnt a few, most of those have been through lack of good communication or lack of good communication skills, might I say from both parties. Due to the financial value of the transactions that we deal with we mostly deal with senior personnel within the companies that we trade with. Senior personnel are normally egotistical and to engage with egotistical people requires skill sets that come with experience and intuitive response. Without these skill sets it is extremely easy to get into a stale response, normally resulting in a breakdown in communication and ultimately loss of profit or worse a total burn out and loss of relations. Coming from a farming background my analogy would be, its ends up being like two wild stags with their antlers in a head lock, no one wins and there is no end solution, certainly nothing productive. A real stale mate! Before you interact with a customer then make sure you have done your homework on them and their company. Know who and what you are dealing with. Far too often time is wasted on cold calls when not enough research is done by a trader who doesn’t actually know who or what he is cold calling. On a cold call you will have probably 30 seconds to make an impact before you will be dismissed, so make those 30 seconds count. In today’s age of technology we have many research tools at our fingertips. We have LinkedIn, trade platforms like Handelot, trade magazines and each country has a government based web presence that allows us to research each and every company’s financial and personnel corporate profile. The more knowledge you have about what and whom you are dealing with the better chance of success you will have in forming and completing a transaction, more importantly making and retaining a relationship with that company. The Trading Business is all about knowledge, knowledge is power and power is profit. Do your homework? This is the old hands top 10 list of things to remember when dealing with future buyers and suppliers: 1. Know who and what you are dealing with 2. Be humble 3. Be direct 4. Do not over promise 5. Be professional at all times 6. Do not be a wise guy 7. Be honest 8. Communicate at all times 9. Be firm 10. Be interesting Happy Hunting Keep The Faith The Old Hand 27. Globax 28-29 Airpods AirPods and its accessorizes: the new innovation to hear Air Pods: Innovation to hear The Apple AirPods, not surprisingly, turned out to be the project that, more than any other, was able to attract the attention of the public and professionals during the last Apple events, overcoming in many ways the other products in presentation. The idea, which from many points of view is nothing particularly ingenious, it comes from a genius mind. But that’s Apple, actually: simplicity made stunning, nothing more. AirPods are a revolution for wireless headphones. And Apple just seems not to be able to work without revolutionizing the market and, this time, it does in a really unexpected sector that is the headphone. Let's find out in detail why Apple Air Pods are an innovation and a revolution for the market. 'What does the company based in Cupertino have to do with this market?', you are wondering. The company led by Tim Cook did not want to limit itself to entering the sector, but wanted to turn it upside down in its own way, with a joint walk that has shocked all fans. The AirPods are not headphones like any other. They are not headphones that amaze for impeccable sound quality, still the idea behind this product is that to really amaze its faithful audience (and not only that). In fact, these headphones are headphones that say 'Bye Bye!' to the 3.5 mm jack. This is a model in wireless ear that has eliminated the standard of the connector from the iPhone as well as eliminating the wires forever. As usual, Apple's idea is based on a fundamental principle: simplicity and elegance, that is the trademarks from the origins of the Californian company. How do Apple AirPods work? These earphones, once extracted from the charge, connect wirelessly to all Apple devices from the same account. Plus, as soon as worn, they automatically start the audio, which is turned off when the AirPods are removed from the ears. They are rich in every technology you could want on such earphones: from the accelerometer to the optical sensors, to the W1 or the new Apple wireless chip. From these headphones you can easily access Siri and you can take full advantage of all the features of the Apple's voice assistant: from sending SMS, to calls, to controlling the music player to online searches… everything goes from Siri and new AirPods. In addition, these headphones are not equipped with physical buttons - another historic revolution from Apple - working exclusively with the accelerometer, tapping on the same earphones. Apple’s headphones are an exceptional trampoline for technology that we hope will soon become a standard and not a ‘surprise' anymore. AirPods accessorizes: how to enhance them Even if it’s an Apple product and they changed the way of listening to music, talking at the phone all day and doing our own stuff with comfort and freedom to move, that doesn’t mean that AirPods are perfect. In fact, they don’t charge wirelessly, are prone to scratching and can slip out of your ears fairly easily. Still, the are several accessories not to be missed that can improve the AirPods, transforming them in a super high must have product of 2019! Here are the best AirPods accessories to buy now; some may seem trivial but they are very useful, not to risk losing or damaging the precious Apple earphones. • Spigen AirPods cable. It is true that the main feature of AirPods is being completely wireless, so without cables that hold the two earphones together. It is equally true, however, that during a walk, or especially a run, the risk of losing them is quite high. The Spigen cable, then, offers that extra security, to be used perhaps during jogging or in physical activities in which stresses could drop AirPods from the ear. • Silicone bows. If the fear of losing them during a race is understandable and you do not agree to join the wireless earphones with a cable, then the ideal solution could be to 'coat' the AirPods with small silicone bows, to run behind the ear to better fix the earphones. In this way you will continue to have a completely wireless device, but it will be firmly stick in your ears. Obviously the earphones will no longer be minimalist, but you certainly will not lose them on the street. • Catalyst water-resistant case. If you are worried about the fact that the AirPods case can get wet with sweat while running or suffer the effect of splashes or raindrops, you can look for an interesting waterproof cover. Produced by Catalyst, the case is IP67 tested and it is waterproof up to 1 meter of depth. It also protects from bumps for falls up to 2 meters. Finally, it protects the case from scratches too. • Multifunctional charging dock. It is easy to assume that those who have AirPods also own an iPhone; and where there is iPhone, probably, there is also Apple Watch. Here is the dock that orders and recharges all three Apple devices at the same time. Induction charging works only with Apple Watch, while iPhone and AirPods are connected via Lightning. • Dock for AirPods. If the AirPods - iPhone - Apple Watch equation is wrong in your case, and you don’t have an Apple smartwatch, then it is advisable to buy a much more minimal charging dock, in which only recharge the earphone case. Spigen is a company very attentive to the Apple world, that’s why it produces it. Beware, however, the spaces are so small that a very thick iPhone cover could prevent its proper functioning. You have to buy a separate Lighting cable or use the original one, because that is not included in the package. • AirPods Holder. It might seem like a really useless accessory, but if you think about it, it's probably among the most useful. It is just a small piece of plastic that holds the earphones together, and that allows you to store them inside backpacks, pockets, baby carriers and so on, avoiding the danger of losing them. In this way you will have the certainty of always finding them in the same and safe place. • AirPods rigid case. Here is the custody of the case. If you do not want to stop taking AirPods with you during extreme activities, or you simply do not want to risk that the prized and delicate Apple case breaks, here's a stiffer case, to attach to the trouser belt and to take with you, without worry you can crack it. • PowerBank Ultra Slim Dodocool. The AirPods case is not exactly magical, and needs to be recharged. That’s why a power bank cannot miss then. We have selected the Dodocool one, not because it is particularly powerful, but because it is extremely portable, so thin to fit in the wallet and in any place, still able to recharge the case several times. 30-31 Najibs Corner 2 THE WAVE OF USED PHONES IN THE MIDDLE EAST – AN OPPORTUNITY Brightstar was the first company to have organized the sale and marketing of pre-owned graded device in the Middle East around 6 years ago. Before that it had been a sporadic business with products coming from all over the world and that too without any specific focus. There was money to be made and traders basically kept to themselves when it came to the sources and target markets. The advent of Brightstar had been a welcome sign and steadily the business started growing at a rapid pace with Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Egypt, Turkey and Pakistan taking the lead followed closely by Yemen and Afghanistan. With diminishing margins in the new devices, many traders started looking at the used business as an add on but still there were a few companies indulging full time in the used device business. For Yemen and a selected market in Iraq, it had been the CDMA devices whereas the rest of the markets had the influx of iPhones and Android phones. Brightstar also perfected the buyback scheme globally and started the scheme in the Middle East as well with selected Network Operators and Retailers; Did it work, I guess not really, and we will get to that later. In addition to Brightstar, Redeem, PCS Wireless, Cenwood, HKG2 and many others made UAE the central logistics centre for the marketing and sales of used devices in addition to many others setting up shops with freight forwarders. The flow of used business went something like this in the UAE, Middle East: 1. Original Used Devices sold in bulk with all grades. 2. Graded products sold with clear bifurcation. 3. Refurbished stock coming in with good quality parts. 4. Sub standard part refurbished stock mixed with original used. 5. Local refurbishment in the UAE with sub standard parts drawing prices below International levels. Today, majority of international traders do not see UAE as a strategic market for a simple reason because the prices they offer are always 5-7% more expensive as compared to what is available locally. Why is that, there are two main reasons: 1. Used phones are a commodity that are repackaged as sold as new to unsuspecting consumers. Most of this is being carried out using substandard parts sending these to markets where consumers have no respite. 2. Main markets for trading have now been restricted due to regulatory issues so traders just crash the prices for the only reason of liquidation. But this is not all doom and gloom, there’s a fantastic untapped opportunity for traders with a long-term vision to introduce the used device business on the same lines as being available in the west. The local regulators are unaware of the warranty and consumer protection regulations that can be introduced for the safety of the end users. For the same reasons, Apple CPO’s were being taken off the shelf from organized retailers. For a new company to come in and tap this opportunity, an awareness campaign in coordination with the local regulator would go a long way. This would also entail the authorities to curb illicit refurbishment activities using counterfeit and fake parts. One of the best markets for the remanufacturing of used devices with ISO certified labs is the Philippines and the similar model can be used here as well. Products should be refurbished or regraded at certified locations and then sold at organized retailers providing proper warranty backup to the end users. If there are companies reading this and want to have the focus then sky is the limit for them in the region, the market is there as well as the ready customers to embrace the pre-owned certified tested devices. Recently, a local entity in the UAE by the name of R3 factory has taken steps in this direction. If you need help and information in setting up this business, then please feel free to get back to me at 32-33 Huawei in trouble 2 Huawei suited the American Congress for Constitutional violation Huawei and ZTE are two of the largest Chinese companies for the production of smartphones, tablets and telecommunications equipment in general. For some time these two giants have been investing a lot to expand in Europe and the USA, but an unexpected setback by the American Congress has come from the country with stars and stripes. The Washington Congress, in fact, has decided to block the sale of Huawei and ZTE products throughout the US because these two companies are ‘too Chinese’. Let's try to use the words in the report to explain the US decision. 'On the basis of public information and private disclosures, it is not possible to rule out that Huawei and ZTE are free from Chinese Government influences and therefore that that could represent a threat to the security of the United States of America and its systems.’. This means that the US can not say whether there are influences from the two Beijing-based companies, but the very suspicion is considered highly dangerous for the security of US telecommunications. The fear therefore is that of the espionage by the Beijing Government. It must be said that this is not an isolated case: already in March this year 2019 the Australian Government had eliminated Huawei from a national tender for the modernization of telecommunications systems, because they considered the company ‘too Chinese’ as well. Huawei’s reaction to the US Congress decision A story to follow, also because the Government of Beijing immediately made itself heard on the matter, with statements full of indignation. And that goes for Huawei as well. In fact, in the first days of March 2019, Huawei responded to the boycott of Trump and sued the US government. Huawei has decided to react to the urgent boycott campaign initiated by President Donald Trump. In this sense, the Company initiated a lawsuit against the United States Government. The Chinese company disputes the constitutional legitimacy of Section 889 of the National Defense Act (NDAA) of 2019, before a US federal court. Through this action, Huawei calls for a decision stating that the restrictions imposed on it are unconstitutional and that a permanent injunction against them is reached. 'The US Congress has repeatedly failed to provide evidence to support restrictions on Huawei products and we are forced to take this legal action as an extreme solution’ - said Guo Ping, Rotating Chairman of the company - ‘This ban is not only illegal but also limits Huawei to engage in fair competition, ultimately damaging US consumers. We look forward to the Court's verdict and we trust that it will benefit both Huawei and the American people. ' The case will be discussed in Texas The lawsuit was filed in a United States District Court in Plano, Texas. According to the complaint, section 889 of the 2019 NDAA not only prevents all US government agencies from purchasing Huawei equipment and services, but also prohibits them from entering into contracts or granting grants or loans to third parties who purchase equipment or services from the Chinese company, without any prior executive or judicial process. This violates, says Huawei, the Bill of Attainder Clause and the Due Process Clauses and the principles of Separation of Powers sanctioned by the US Constitution, because Congress is at the same time promulgating and enforcing the law, as well as attempting to formulate a judgment. Song Liuping, Huawei's Chief Legal Officer, said: 'Section 889 is based on a number of false, unproven and untested provisions, and contrary to the premise of the bylaws, Huawei is not owned, controlled or influenced by the Chinese Government. The Company has a security program that has shown excellent performance and has never been brought any evidence capable of proving the opposite.’. The key role of the 5G According to Huawei, the NDAA restrictions prevent it from providing the most advanced 5G technologies to US consumers, thus delaying their commercial application and, at the same time, hinder the possibility of improving the performance of 5G networks in the United States. This will widen the digital divide and the imposed restrictions will prevent competition, forcing US consumers to pay higher prices for lower quality products. Estimates from industrial sources, says Huawei, show that allowing the Chinese company to compete would contribute to a reduction in the cost of wireless infrastructure between 15 and 40%. And that would generate savings for North America for at least $ 20 billion over the next four years. The future scenario The Chinese company seems to really care about the well-being and access to the most modern technologies by American consumers. On the other hand, even if the purpose was not really that one and there was only a revenge for not being able to sell its products in such a vast and succulent market as the American one, the Company would still be right from the point of view of the limitation of freedom of competition. On the other hand, Congress has not proved until today evidence of a Chinese government's tense leg entry into Huawei's business. We must wait for the Texan cause for sure, to understand how the story evolves and if indeed, as it seems, the product will continue to be banned in the US market. And if it is so, that will be an expected loss of competitive advantage of the Huawei products compared to competitors. We will keep you updated in the next editions of the magazine! 34-35 Instagram B2B 3 Instagram B2B: how to use Instagram to develop brand awareness For a brand to be present on social media is no longer a choice, but rather a necessity. Digital media have become the point of reference for communication and the promotion of a business, and most companies are now aware of it. Usually, the question that immediately arises spontaneously to brands approaching digital marketing for the first time is: 'Which social media should I choose?’. In fact, to think that all companies are the same and that, therefore, online behavior is indifferent to the specifics of the business we are about to launch is a big mistake. It’s true the opposite: every company is different and has specific goals, which can vary according to the values, the mission, the place of operation and also and above all to the target. That's why choosing the right social media linked to these peculiar features just illustrated is intelligent and vital for a business that works. Instagram, as a matter of fact, has become a central point for setting up business communication today. From a private social network dedicated to lovers of beauty and photography, now this Social Network has climbed every usage ranking and has become a place to do business, even millionaire ones. That is true as many of America's richest and most influential women, according to Forbes 2018, set their own fortunes right there. So the question rises: how does Instagram work for the business? Instagram Business: important tools for companies When you decide to use Instagram to communicate and promote a brand, the first thing to do is to create a new profile. But if everyone is good so far, few are instead aware of the additional features that the platform provides if you activate a corporate Instagram account. This type of account, just as the name implies, has been developed for all brands that want to use social media for their marketing activities. Apparently, to a poor eye, there are few differences between the personal version of Instagram (the one automatically generated when a new profile is created) and the one for the business. But in reality, in practice, there are many tools that the latter makes available. First of all, in the version for companies and professionals, the reference category of the profile is added under the name of the account. For example, if you are a freelance graphic designer, the 'artist' label will appear to identify your brand: this feature, apparently simple, is actually very important because the user immediately identifies what they have in front of them. Is the profile a public figure? An artist? Is it a company? Then, next to the 'Follow' button, another tool appears with the word 'Contact' to which to associate your references (email, phone and address). A real Call to Action that invites customers to call and write for information or purchases: this option also assumes an important relevance for a business profile because it allows the user to retrieve the company data and to get in touch directly with it using the mode that they prefer and that is more congenial. In that way, however, not only clarity will make the brand more enjoyable, but it will also make it closer and reachable. Finally, the ability to view Insights, in-depth information about your audience and the content you publish is added. Why Insight are so important for an Instagram Business Account? Because it gives a general overview to the company about the activity that is being carried out online on the social sphere, about the views that each single activity has generated (posts, stories, comments) and also about the level of engagement of the public itself. How much are the stories displayed? How many people have I reached? How many likes have I collected? Another very important analysis that Insight does is the level of interaction reached according to various parameters: - location - time of day - days of the week - sex and age of the target As you can see, that type of analysis allows a general but also detailed vision of what happens on Instagram in relation to the company and its brand awareness and reach, as well as the ability to see which quality contents are rewarded by instagram. Instagram: Personal Branding and Business Branding Instagram is a great arena to seduce customers with an original, centered, coherent, clear and dynamic communication. Instagram is a very interactive and powerful medium, and for this reason it rewards brands that are able to stand out above the average. Here are some features that each brand must have to defeat the competition and get in the top chart of the general views (the world bulletin board): • Originality: stand out and reach more followers (and prospective clients) • Define the goal: what are you communicating? • Set up your own visual image: is your digital presence coherent with your mission and values? Can your target and fans rely on you? Are you recognizable? • Configure the strategy: each goal has its own strategy. Choose the best to achieve them! • Choose the instruments: how can I use Instagram in the best way possibile? • Amplify your skills: study! Even a great and recognizable company needs to be updated. The Instagram Algorithm changes every once in a while: make sure you know how it works before setting up an advertising campaign or even your initial digital marketing strategy. Instagram: What contents? There is no type of content that suits any type of company. Because if the contents tell a brand, the values ​​that they communicate must always adapt to the image of the speaker. This, however, does not mean that there are no general rules that, if respected, can help achieve excellent results in terms of communication. What a brand must always remember is just to be a brand: for this reason on Instagram you should prefer content that can engage with the public, in line with your values ​​and with the set of beliefs that the customer target embraces. Instead, we need to avoid images and videos published with the hope of becoming viral or, even worse, with the sole objective of making a number. Instagram: Influencer marketing Influencer marketing is the best way for a company to engage with users and clients. What is an INFLUENCER? The figure of the influencer was born in the world of social networks and draws its appeal from the trust that the public gives them and that makes them an 'ambassador' of themself and the brands they represent. An influencer can become an opinion leader in a specific sector (food, travel, apparel, lifestyle, etc.) and also receive financial compensation for this work. Some of them come from the world of celebrities, but the vast majority 'comes from nowhere', in search of an original space for their professional development. Why is it important for a company then? Because through a recognized figure the company can enter more in connection with its audience, not only at the numerical level (the best influencers move large numbers of people), but also at the empathic level. The brand becomes more real and more reliable to follow, to try and ultimately to buy! Is it a regulated profession? Being an influencer is not an officially regulated profession. However, that professional practice is already a reality. In the Anglo-Saxon world, in fact, bloggers, Instagrammers, YouTubers and their conversion into influencers are the most required professionals by commercial brands and advertising agencies. And that reality is growing in Europe too. Recent studies show that people start believe it’s a real current profession, as many influencers have already received a salary that comes, mainly, from commercial brands (71.3%), advertising agencies (50%) or influencers' agencies (36, one%). In conclusion… Is it Instagram a solid base for the companies? It really seems that way. Millions of fan or followers follow brands through social networks and, on the reverse, companies can reach significant number of potential customers using Instagram at its very best. In addition, in view of the upward trend in the use of social networks, the forecast is that Influencers will increase the market in the coming years. A new profession that is going towards an increasingly real consolidation, as evidenced by the recent university courses dedicated to this professional world. 36-37 Brendan's Takeaways from the East 2 TAKEAWAYS FROM THE EAST In reporting on China and India, we truly are seeing a tale of two countries. In one market all of our favorite brands are still jockeying for position and in the other, alternative markets are being courted for devices. Units are moving, it’s all a matter of where. Welcome to another Takeaways From The East. All manner of interesting news is emanating from boom-period India. Diwali chummed the waters enough for the big sharks of the smartphone game to feast on the subcontinent, leading to the kind of late-year dash we see in many of the world’s leading markets. The premium smartphone segment came out of Q4 2018 boasting 16% year-on-year growth for the quarter, resulting in an overall spurt of 8% over 2017. Who led the pack for 2018? Not Xiaomi, who surprisingly did not even crack the top three. Not Apple, who has hit a patch rough enough for them to start rethinking their manufacturing strategy, which will be discussed in a moment. And not even OnePlus, the second-place winner whose highly successful 6 and 6T models helped the brand post three straight quarters as the top mover of premium units. The winner for the year? Samsung. According to Counterpoint Research, the South Korean stalwart captured 26% share of the premium segment, with shipments growing 72% year-on-year in Q4. A lot of this can be attributed to the newly launched Galaxy A9, with its trend-setting quad rear-camera phone, in the ₹30,000 - 40,000 (USD $400-550) price segment. Samsung edged out OnePlus in total market segment, 34% to 33%. What then for Apple, who suffered 25% drop in year-on-year for the fourth quarter? Counterpoint alleges that the drop in units moved stems from high import tariffs - as high as 20% - in addition to already high prices that the California giant requires for its newest top-of-the-line models. The obvious solution, you probably think, is to bypass the tariffs by manufacturing in-country. Apple already has you beaten to the punch; plans are underway to build a Foxconn manufacturing facility in Tamil Nadu, per the Economic Times of India. Although lower end Apple models such as the 6S and SE were already being manufactured by Wistron, a Taiwanese manufacturer, the opening of the Foxconn plant should make future Apple flagship phones more competitively priced, giving them better chances to reclaim lost ground in India. With regard to China, the market is contracting. IDC reports a 9.7% decline in shipments. Domestically, Huawei remains in pole position being the only manufacturer to post above 5% year-on-year growth. However, in such a bear market, the only option left to turn a profit is for one to take their wares elsewhere. And that is exactly what is happening. Where are the Chinese phones going? Europe has, for the past year, been opening itself up to all the brands we know and love here in Takeaways Town. Therefore it makes sense that Chinese manufacturers have taken a 32% market share continent-wide. Much has been made about the dispute between Huawei and the United States government, giving China’s manufacturers second thoughts over market entry in North America. Europe’s eagerness to buy into the hype surrounding Xiaomi, Huawei, and OnePlus makes them a fertile market even though phone replacement cycles have become longer. Canalys, provider of the above statistics, expects growth to continue across all segments, especially in Central and Eastern Europe. Russia has grown even more sharply for Chinese devices, up 14% year-on-year for 2018. The likes of Xiaomi and Huawei have been present in Russia for a few years now, growing steadily and chomping away at the market share of domestic manufacturers. 2018 was the breakout year for these brands, however, and we will see a real gold rush situation for the next couple of years provided no Russian upstarts rear their heads. The takeaway here? International politics are influencing the trading game more now than they had been in years previous. It’s truly an interesting thing that Chinese brands are the biggest movers in times where a US-China trade war is in progress. America’s loss, really; what they don’t want, others markets stand to benefit from. Both demand and volumes are going towards Europe, so that’s where the focus should be. Politics are likewise prudent in India, their 20% tariff has only been in effect for a couple of years, but it’s already causing some brands to suffer. Samsung and OnePlus already manufacture in India, so whether Apple’s weak performance is the effect of tariffs or whether they’re truly on a long, slow decline will be apparent by the time the new Foxconn facilities open. In any event, trading opportunities will present themselves wherever policy threatens to eliminate them. 38-40 Danger with logistics 3 Danger with logistics companies: what to watch out? The increase in demand for goods and services, the uprising competition in global markets, the introduction of short-lived assets and new communication and transport technologies have forced companies and brand colossus to rethink the production processes and supply of goods and/ or services, investing in the management of logistics activities. Much has been done for the reorganization of production processes, still much can be achieved thanks to an efficient organization of flows of goods or services and their related information. All this involves new logistical needs and the adoption of efficient logistics management policies. Let’s see what to watch out about dangerous and peculiar risks with logistics. The main objective of distributive logistics is to reduce the cost of supply of finished products to customers maintaining or improving the level of service provided. The Supply Chain managers worry about the prevention of logistical risks, but only a small part of the companies involves the whole ecosystem in which they operate: the result is a certain 'opacity' between the elements of the logistics chain (company, shippers, transporters, suppliers). And if it’s true that the main objective of distribution logistics is to reduce the cost of supplying finished products to customers, while maintaining or improving the level of service provided, even the distribution is a service that has a cost and does not directly produce a profit. The chain, moreover, is very long and linked to the interconnection of different sectors and work force, that normally tend to maintain a high level only in their department: the goods are produced in one or more production facilities, such as the transformation of raw materials from one or more suppliers, and then transferred to warehouses where they are stored before being transported to retailers or directly to customers (consumers). Consequently, in order to reduce costs and increase the functions of the supply service, logistics strategies must consider the interactions between the various actors in this logistics network. That’s why sometimes companies try to reduce the costs cutting resources and managing forces trusting only the online systems. In doing so, however, companies put at risk the real functioning of the supply chain, precisely because they do not allow the forces involved to perform their functions at 100% of their possibilities. The main risks for logistics companies Let’s see in the following paragraphs what are the risks and dangers related to the logistic chain, which can affect the malfunctioning of the very same chain, with the result of offering a bad service to the final consumer: - Badly managed inventory The inventory accuracy concept refers to all the discrepancies that exist between electronic registers and the actual state of stocks. One of the typical situations that may result is the presence of phantom escorts. These discrepancies can lead to lower service levels, accounting problems and financial losses. That’s why the Supply Chain Management has to plan daily what to do and what to check, trying to forecasting what can happen with the inventory. Poor control can lead to inventory failures and economical losses. The actual inventory, plus, may differ from its electronic representation in many ways. We can indeed find: • recorded but not existing operations; • unregistered operations; • non-matching product codes: • erroneous quantities. Although the causes are different, these problems all end up with the indication of a quantity of available stocks different from the real quantity. In other words, the amount that is available from the registers does not match the number available in the real stock. The accuracy of available stocks can be measured with the help of several indicators, traditionally used for forecasting: in fact, the 'electronic' value of the available stocks can be considered as an estimate of reality. • Budget bottlenecks in logistics and supply chain management The 'crisis factor' seems to affect today more decisively in the evaluation of company cuts. The current rush to save, a lack of investment or a drastic reduction of the budgets allocated in the key areas of goods handling can, however, lead to risky compromises in terms of safety and economic damages, risks that result in potential dangers for the life of the company (and sometimes of employees as well). Logistics seems to be one of the most affected sectors by the cuts. A frequent mistake of companies is to neglect ordinary maintenance interventions to keep costs low and trucks always in operation. Delaying scheduled service interventions or postponing the replacement of components such as tires could make machines and workers vulnerable. Plus, a non-original replacement certainly costs less and seems to be a negligible detail. The choice may be appropriate in terms of savings but may cause damage to forklifts and cause accidents, then bring additional costs for damaged goods and machines as well as compensation and criminal liability in more serious cases. Moreover, the cuts hit also the specialized technicians. Before taking on unnecessary risks with loads, your vehicle fleet and your employees it is advisable to seek expert advices. The professionalism of a technician is a requirement to be taken into account because it ensures the correct functioning of the machines, thus avoiding risks in the long term. - Low level of communication with outsourced logistics and warehousing companies The warehouse management of an outsourced company is a strategic and organizational choice that industrial and commercial companies use with different tools to make the service offered even more complete. In those cases, the company in question relies on external companies (contractors), specialized in the provision of the complete warehouse, management service in outsourcing or in the provision of some particular services. And yet, just because third parties take over the management of the activities, it is necessary to choose partners who have a style of work, a speed and a precision similar to yours, to avoid delays and bad image towards consumers. In two words: commitment and availability. - Steeling of goods This part is mainly targeted by infidel employees and attendants. Here it is necessary to focus on the access of suppliers and employees, as well as on areas that are of interest, such as empty stores and warehouses where valuable goods are kept. Security cameras and also a great motivation towards employees can help to avoid those risks. - Malfunction of operating systems or depending only on them The supply chain operatives spend a lot of time putting data into the system but struggle to obtain from it the information they need to make good business decisions. Why does that happen? Because using a strong software is meant to help a business become faster and stronger, but sometimes this has the strange consequence to create a mindset that can only think the way the software allows it. In this way the problem solving of human work force remains limited to the conception of software operation, with the risk of further reducing its selective capabilities. What the possible solutions can be to prevent danger with logistics companies? • A strong database and collaborative operating systems: the data collected by the different operators can be stored in the cloud and then used by the various partners in the supply chain when needed. Thanks to the use of those collaborative platforms, then, it is therefore possible to have visibility on all the partners involved in the various phases of supply chain management, highly reducing the risks of a non-communication or passing the buck of responsibilities when challenged by unsatisfied customers; • High level of human control: softwares can be our saviors, but human monitoring our operations in real time it’s always the best choice. Double-checking the operations, the warehouse and the movements of all departments in real time and daily it’s the best investment a company can do to promote its image; • Communication between partners: e-mail as the one and only option of communication. A logistics chain is also made of human relationships, and not just serial numbers and object movements. Therefore it can often be preferable to establish human relationships also to favor the virtuous movement of the logistic chain. On the other hand, however, it is always better to refer to a written communication for purely logistical, bureaucratic and consumer-related issues, and it’s always better to track orders, transactions, movements and processes to identify not only a problem but also a quick and timely solution; • Responsibility and insurance: having track of the process with integrated systems can favor clarity on the processes and responsibilities of everyone involved in the management of the supply chain; • External visible information: by increasing the visibility on the events of the supply chain, the collected data will enrich the analysis engines and will allow the automation of the decision-making process in case of risks. Thanks to these predictive solutions, companies now already have important means to improve customer satisfaction and minimize the impact of risks on their business. 41. Top 10 trades 42-43 Also buying ABC Data 2 ALSO buying ABC data 'We want to become number one in Poland,' says Gustavo Möller-Hergt, CEO of ALSO Holding AG. In January 2019 the news of an important approach has shocked the Polish financial world and also the European economy: ALSO Holding AG, one of the leading providers of ICT distribution, solutions and services in Europe has made an offer for buying the Polish Company ABC Data S.A.. The news immediately went around the world: after all, when two important stakeholders in the world of communication meet and decide to join forces, it is clear that the financial world will not just be watching, but that on the contrary they will wait for the next moves to understand how the economy's strands will move in the months to come. What happened then? ALSO Holding AG together with the MCI Group - the majority shareholder of the Polish company ABC Data SA - submitted a tender offer for the sale of shares in ABC Data S.A. ABC Data S.A. operates in six countries of Eastern Europe, generating in 2017 sales for 1080 million € (PLN 4,635 million). Even if on the place is still just an offer, after accepting the opportunity and receiving the approval of all the regulatory authorities, ALSO Holding AG will take over all business operations of ABC Data S.A.. Practically speaking, the Holding will control the total operation of ABC Data. The purchase of ABC Data S.A., in fact, enables ALSO Holding AG to develop business solutions and services in accordance with its strategy; moreover, thanks to the transaction, ALSO wants to significantly strengthen its market position in Eastern Europe. So what is the agreement? How does the negotiation work? And finally, what will change in terms of movements related to the Information Technology world and users' experience? Let’t get to know ALSO Holding better ALSO Holding AG is a listed distribution and logistics company based in Emmen, Switzerland. ALSO groups under its wing more than 500 vendors of vendors of software solutions, hardware and IT-services access to over 100 000 buyers. The Company can also provide to those buyers a broad spectrum of other customized services in the logistics, finance and IT services sectors, as well as traditional distribution services. ALSO also delivers complex IT landscapes, the provision and maintenance of hardware and software. Entering the East European market trough the acquisition of ABC Data is a big turning point for such a competitive and aggressive Holding. About ABC Data ABC Data IT controls equipment and consumer electronics in Poland and it’s the only entity operating directly in eight countries of the CEE region. The Mission of the Company is to provide comprehensive services in the field of distribution (IT, electronics, household appliances and many other categories), logistics, finance and consulting. An agreement with such a huge partner as ALSO Holding will represent a step forward into the development of a total and successful service related to IT world across Europe. ALSO buying ABC data: the agreement Let’s see the terms of the ALSO Holding / ABC Data agreement. ALSO Holding AG, one of the leading providers of distribution, solutions and ICT services in Europe, has signed a contract with MCI Euroventures, the majority shareholder of the Polish company ABC Data SA., simultaneously calling for the sale of all available shares in the Company (ABC Data SA is listed on the Stock Exchange Values in Warsaw). The purpose of the tender is to acquire 100% of shares in ABC Data, of which 60.7% are already indirectly held by MCI Euroventures. Subject to the fulfillment of the offer and approval by regulatory authorities, ALSO Holding AG will take over and will continue the entire operational activity of ABC Data S.A. The offer submitted is still subjected to approval by regulatory authorities, but it will definitely change the future in the IT world in Europe. What changes? The takeover of the business operations of ABC Data S.A. and the closing of ranks with the existing business in Poland will generate a great leadership control of IT equipment and consumer electronics distribution in the Polish market. In addition, the ALSO Group strengthens its existing business in Lithuania and will also be present in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Hungary. Trough the ABC Data platform management, the company will also be able to offer its customers consumption-based IT-as-a-service via the cloud through the ALSO Cloud Marketplace (ACMP). “They successfully implemented a unique transaction structure for the Polish market; with a combination of a public takeover and private M&A elements, to meet the desired business goals of our client," noted Dariusz Harbaty, Counsel at Wolf Theiss Warsaw, who assisted ALSO Holding AG. A great business goal for both companies, a great new experience for the clients we hope! 44-45 Whatsapp changing the way we communicate and do business Whatsapp changing the new way to communicate In a strong digitalized world, the way in which bureaucratic entities and organizations can use technology to establish a new relationship with the users, which is flexible and personalized, is no longer an issue to discuss. We have often witnessed the massive and rapid development of instant communication technologies and systems that, born from the bottom and with the aim of facilitating the private connection between citizens, have been transformed over time into a powerful means for companies and personal brands to launch advertising messages and monetize the revenues of these communication exchanges. It happened with the launch of Facebook Business Management, it is happening more and more importantly with the launch of Instagram Business. One of the most interesting aspects of this transformation from a private to a public and business-related vision regards one of the most widely used messaging tools in the world: WhatsApp. Psychology of Social Media. The fact that communication changes continuously thanks to new media, social media, apps, etc. is now clear and we all cannot ignore it. Especially young people seem to be familiar with the media updating revolution and its way to show private lives, great experiences and popularity. On the contrary, tough, some people are more fragile and open to personal vulnerability to certain wounds that easily arrive online. That’s why WhatsApp, among other apps and social media, has enhanced some personal traumas in the form of messages, blu ticks and latest accesses. Relationships change together with how we communicate and the way we approach the other. In couples, as among friends, constant connection is almost the rule. Concern arises whenever the other does not answer or does not connect for a few hours. Quarrels rise because we have been located in the place where we don’t have to, because we did not liked the right thing, because we wrote a certain status… in short, technology necessary brings us to interpret a whole series of nuances that do not always help the relationship. Control takes hold, leaving no room for confidence to grow with its time, many young relationships are based on what is said and 'done' online with consequent easy breakdowns and suffering. Facebook enters real life bringing with it a good load of divorces and causes. In 2012 in England, Facebook was the reason for a third of the separations of the previous year. What does this tell us? That communication on social media takes place in a different way, prevents nuances, looks, has no expression lines and should be educated on the one hand and accepted and used with awareness of one's own fears. WhatsApp: when it was a private flow of message. And what to say about WhatsApp? It started as 'a multi-platform mobile messaging app', in short, a way of communicating fast, open, for photos and short sentences that can be accessed by downloading the small App on the phone for free. Just a few seconds and all contacts know that you are now in the magical world of WhatsApp. They will know when you have connected to the App the last time, they will be able to communicate quickly with you at any time. By the same nature, privacy comes to be difficult to protect. The interesting thing is that this app eliminates the embarrassment of the other in an even more clear way. Looking into the other's world becomes so easy that each one of us feels compelled to do it. Moreover, the fact that it is possible to understand if the message has been read - with the consequent question of the case 'why did not you answer me?' - makes the whole thing a step closer to the cataclysm and moreover, the addiction is around the corner. We know when the other has made the last access, we know that they read our message, we know that they chose not to answer. There are all the ingredients of the crisis. Bothering Zygmunt Bauman, the philosopher and sociologist who has written so much on modern society, love, fear and liquid relationships (one for all: Liquid Modernity), social networks and therefore also WhatsApp have change the relationships, and we can perceive it differently. The speed, the instantaneousness with which we communicate has taken the place of the duration also in the experiences: everything is so immediate that we end up losing adherence to the present. Everything, even as we create our identity, is fast and fragmented and marked by obsessions (buy, chat, relate, be online) that hide the fear of not existing, of being different. The app and similar social tools, on the one hand offer a window on the world always open, usable when you get bored, when you need someone, when you feel lonely, while on the other give a whole color of urgency and anxiety if our message is not immediately received as we would wish. Frustration has no place in this communication. The waiting loads of questions that do not accept the space of the other. The conclusions to which we arrive are always definitive: ‘They have not answered, they are not interested anymore.' A silence as a response to any sentence lowers self-esteem, worsens anxiety, reinforces the feeling of fragility. If that dynamic then turns into control of the other, the consequences can be even more painful, 'with whom does they speak except with me?’. Business flow of messages: how WhatsApp became more than instant messaging, starting a new way to bring clients and companies closer. In 2018 the 'Whatsapp Business' version, the platform designed for corporate communications, entered the App. It's an app created for entrepreneurs and allows them to establish a fast communication with all customers interested in the products and services of a company. With Whatsapp Business your company can: • enter all information about your business such as website, physical address, opening hours, telephone number; • collect statistical data to understand how much and how your audience likes your business; • give quick answers to communicate with customers, to clear doubts, to inform about sudden closures, to ask for feedback on products and purchased services; • use Whatsapp Web to manage the account even from a laptop device. As you can see, a more complex use of a simple App that can easily bring the discussion to private and public datas, security from instant advertising messages, user’s satisfaction, economic and financial issues involved. The release of the API in 2019. An official date has not yet been published, but it seems that from the beginning of 2019, WhatsApp will finally open up to the 'public' of companies that want to manage in a structured way the interaction and communication with their customers through the the most widespread messaging application in the world. Already from September 2018, WhatsApp has granted 90 pre-selected companies, including, KLM Airlines and Uber, the ability to send non-promotional messages through its APIs: this means that the main purpose of communications sent to the user must have a transactional purpose without any other marketing purpose. With the release of the WhatsApp API, Facebook finally has decided to begin the process of monetization of the application acquired in February 2014 for the modest sum of 16 billion dollars. Although Zuckerberg has always connoted the process of monetization of WhatsApp as a long-term goal, it seems that the day of the release of many API is now close, despite the official cost of the service for companies has not yet been made public. Unfortunately, this time it is not a free service as it was before. What happens with this new service? That companies will be limited to a strictly transactional communication with their users/ customers. Anything that happens as a result of a transaction, such as communication related to a purchase from an e-commerce or a customer request for support, can be managed through this service. Boarding passes, shipping confirmations and customer support are destined to pass more and more through the application from the green and less and less through traditional e-mails and SMS. Customer support can finally be structured by this channel; however you will need to get the opt-in from the user before starting the conversation. Meaning that the user must take the first step and start the conversation with the company. For this reason, companies that want to use this tool as a support or sales channel will have to facilitate the start of communication by providing their business number or by setting up a click-to-chat widget on their website. 46. handelot offices 40. Offices Handelot FZC E LOB office no E-42G-12 Hamriyah Freezone Sharjah United arabic emirates PO BOX 53224 Poland HECC Sp. z o.o. A. Ostrowskiego 30/ 327 53-238 Wroclaw NIP: 8971756584
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