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Raduga Pte

A walk to success

Starting up

  • Position in Singapore International 100 Companies ranking: 81st
  • Risky inventory turnover
  • Predominantly South East Asia business area
  • Lengthy on-boarding process for new clients


  • Position in Singapore International 100 Companies ranking:44th
  • Well managed inventory risks
  • Improve ease of business with new companies
  • Diversified customer base

Handelot input

  • Reduced risk profile
  • Gained new customer accounts
  • Provide knowledge to understand market changes
  • Improved profitability
Raduga Pte handelot

A friend in need is a friend indeed. Everyone claims to be your friend during good times but when you face issues and problems in this fast and ever changing market place, not many people will listen to you, understand you, stand by you and offer their full support. Thank you, for always being there for us and playing an important part of the RADUGA PTE LTD growth story!

Cheong Jin Hao, General Manager of Raduga Pte Ltd

As a strong distributor of mobile phones, Raduga has a remarkable presence in the emerging markets of Asia and Southeast Asia, becoming a flagship company of Singapore. By close partnership with Handelot, Raduga managed to reduce their risk profile, pre-emptive market changes increasing size and profitability, to reach the position of a premier full service mobile phone distributor.


Since the early 1990s, Raduga has primed itself to be a premier mobility solutions provider. Growing from strength-to-strength in the mobility sector since the early 1990s, we progressed from being an electronics retail store to being a distributor, gaining competency in every stage of our mobile solutions. During that process we had to face the obstacles such as fighting the risks involved in international ‘transactions’, the instability of fast-changing markets and looking for new channels of expansion. Our cooperation with Handelot helped us navigate them all. We were provided with new valuable customer accounts and thus improved our customer base. We also increased the volume of units sold. Throughout the years, we have won many awards and have earned a reputable name as a reliable and trustworthy service provider in the mobility sector.


Today, Raduga is a renowned distributor of mobile phones, providing end-to-end solutions for brand principals, wholesalers and retailers worldwide. Their distribution network spans countries located all over the world, with local representatives of each country providing their expertise in handling every step of the distribution process; from logistics to marketing and sales. Raduga has a very strong presence in emerging markets (Asia and Southeast Asia), widening their geographical coverage beyond our borders. Through such networks, they have the capability to cater to retailers and end-users worldwide.

Raduga Pte handelot